Hayden-Harnett Fans?

  1. Are any of you girls H-H devotees? A number of tPF'ers -- including me! -- ordered the Dominique Satchel during HH's "Secret Sale." Who has this bag? Do you like it?
  2. I ordered the Dominique Satchel too! I'm curious about it as well. I got the Cream...what color did you get? I also bought the Nomade Hobo. What a great sale!
  3. I'll chime in too.....ordered the Dominique Satchel in cream as well....we would love to have input from others if U have the bag.....OR are we the first to order? :yes:
  4. I ordered it in burgandy-but now I thiink I want the cream as well! It is such a good deal.
  5. I ordered the Dominique in burgundy. I'm carrying my Havana today, and had forgotten how lovely and light it is. I've had my eye on the Dominique as a potential work tote / diaper bag / travel purse, and with this price, who could pass it up?
  6. Oh - meant to say I also liked it in the cream, but as a potential work tote / diaper bag / travel purse it didn't seem like a good idea. ;)
  7. Lord help me, I just broke down and ordered the Suki in Saddle. I was trying to hold out for new fall colors but couldn't help myself at the sale price!!!
  8. What's the secret sale? As much as I've spent there over the last few weeks, I thought I would get an email about something like that! I mean, I am always looking for an excuse to buy an HH purse.:graucho:
  9. Aloha Girl -- I got the burgundy, although I was sooo tempted to get the cream as well (alexis77, I'm on the same page as you -- why not get both at this price?!). It's my first H-H bag, though, so I thought I'd test drive this one for a while!
  10. Dear heavens. I just caved in, completely. Not an hour ago I told somebody I was done, I bought my cobalt Inka and I was done until July 15 - when HH's Fall season starts - but NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO I had to go and get the Nomade Ruffled Hobo in bittersweet. Jaysus H. Christ.

    I'm sunk, just sunk. TOO good a deal to pass up!!!

    DON'T FORGET - Code DCHH gets you free shipping!!!
  11. Ugh..I bought the Nomad Hobo in Fir:yes:..I have been waiting for a sales but not this soon and the sales this great...
    But I wonder those who owns anything in Fir, what do you think? Is it as rich as the Bittersweet? I bought it just because I don't have anything in that color yet...
    I hope I love it and not wanting it in Bittersweet instead because I have a feeling, the bittersweet will be gone by now!!!:p
  12. I caved as well. I resisted for all of but 4 hours---then ordered the Inka in saddle! I can't wait, this will be my first HH bag!
  13. Anita - when we get our Nomades, let's e-mail each other photos - and maybe we can switch if we don't like the color. I was torn between Fir and Bittersweet - .

  14. Oh Panda! The saddle Inka was my first purchase, and I've never looked back! It is so soft and lovely!