Hayden Harnett Fans: Quick, which bag should I get?

  1. HH is having a spring cleaning sale and they have both a Lorca and a Selena on sale. I can't get both right now because I just bought a purse (a Coach Hobo for my conservatively dressed days), but I adore the Poppy Red and Ink colors. Which bag should I get for now?

    The Poppy Red Lorca

    Or Inky Blue Selena?

  2. I have the Salina in pewter and I love that inky blue color, so my vote is for the blue salina.
  3. i like the salina... very pretty bag! the lorca is just too small for my taste.
  4. Hmmm... What about the Selena in Poppy Red?

  5. I also have the Salina in pewter, and I love it! I vote for the Salina in any color! ;)
  6. OH MAN, that is SO tempting... grrrr
  7. I like the salina in that pretty blue! The Lorca I like best is in the plum colour.
  8. I am definently not an expert, but I like the Salina :yes:
  9. Selena in blue! too pretty!
  10. Lorca!
    Mine just arrived from Luna Boston this afternoon, and it's a-m-a-z-i-n-g.
  11. I vote for the Lorca because I like the style better but I prefer the blue color...I'd go for a blue Lorca but I guess that's not much help. :yes: The styles seem like they would suit different purposes (e.g., more formal, carrying less vs. more casual, carrying more) -- do you need one of these more than the other?
  12. hey that's great. what color did you get it in? i'm thinking of the blue or the plum, they both look so pretty~
  13. I got the chocolate brown one. It's so gorgeous. Lol. The plum one is very popular, and I've heard that it's even prettier in real life. :graucho:
  14. Selena- the blue is gorgeous:love:
  15. I like the Lorca much better!