hayden harnett fans need to know right now!! ANY INTEREST IN...

  1. The inka big clip in cobalt inka big clip in plum or the mercer satchel in poppy red? Regardless of price hhaa less then full price of course but I just need to know so email me now now :smile:

    - No posting personal emails
  2. Mods I want to apologize you can edit my 1st comment if you like it def. Came out sounding wrong and wound up sounding like a selling thread it isn't at all what it was supposed to be , I was in the store and just was seeing if anyone liked those but I just wanted to apologize as I wrote it in a hurry and didn't re read :smile:
  3. Ooooh, you went back! Did they have any new stuff on the discount table?
  4. OH TELL ME TELL ME! Did they have an amethyst Salina? The Inka in saddle?
  5. Bessie, you can't dangle a carrot like this and disappear on us, LOL!
  6. hah SORRY SORRY! :smile:

    ok no inka saddles, i actually didnt notice about the salina :sad: yikes,,,its not one of my faves so i didnt notice,,

    i bought a few xtra things ;)

    if you want to know anything else (NOT the email address abovee thats my sidekick which doesnt work in my house)

  7. I am going tomorrow early afternoon-please tell me what was on the sale table-i am soooooo excited!
  8. they had the inka in black, some anas in like plum black and green i think,,

    and they had a mercer in yellow, white and blush,,
    and wallets and belts

    and then everything else was 50% off
  9. Oh-if they have a mercer in white for-what? 80 bucks-that baby is mine!! Thanks Bes!