Hayden-Harnett Fall Preview?

  1. PLEASE, if anybody gets the e-mail or learns any other way about the HH Fall Preview that's supposed to start tomorrow, please post here. I am dying with impatience. Will there be a web link? Something in the e-mail? We all know how irregular HH's e-mail seems to be, so first one who gets it - I will ... I'll ... why, I'll think such happy thoughts on your behalf you'll have nothing but good luck for the next six months, how's that?

  2. nothing yet on myspace, nor the HH forum. you know i'll be here in 2 shakes of a lamb's tail if i come across it!

    though i do wonder how hard & fast the July 15 date was ... Ben said "we'll probably be launching for pre-orders on 7/15." i wonder if they will actually stick to that or if it was a guess-timate. or did you get another confirmation of 7/15 somewhere else?
  3. Nope, same thing. In my excitement, I neglected to retain the 'probably' part of that sentence.


    ONE shake of the lamb's tail, and it's a deal. :wlae:
  4. Given how busy HH has been lately with all the sales, I wouldn't be too surprised if they don't have everything up by tomorrow (but I hope I'm wrong). I hope they at least give us a preview of something. If I hear or see anything, this is the first place I'll come.
  5. I am anxiously awaiting!!!!
  6. I've just dropped a line to Ben - I'll post back results.
  7. Any new info about this? I can't wait!! :smile:

  8. ohhh, i am in dire need of a clutch. and i'm going to march myself to CVS to do some checkout magazine perusing! india - i hate to see you drop 3$ on something featuring a Duff sister ;)

  9. The "nouveau" looks like the Mosaique, but in another color scheme. And i think i recall Ben saying that the coyote rucksack was something created just for Anthro. i saw it through a store window the other day actually in the Boston store.
  10. :roflmfao: No Kidding!!

    I'm eagerly awaiting their Fall line up as well. I got my Gaza Luxe satchel in bittersweet yesterday. I :heart: it! Unfortunately, the Havana Hobo in Chalk that I also received is probably going back as the Chalk color is a bit too gray for me. Gorgeous leather, beautifully made. I just can't use it for what I intended.
  11. congrats on your Gaza!!! it's a fabulous bag and i love the tough girl rocker vibe to it. I had that exact bag, but returned it to HH when i saw the big bang sale, thinking i could get it in Prune (my 1st choice color), but i never managed to be there at the right time for the prune. and now i am without any Gaza - isn't there some fable or saying about what i just did? purse in the hand is worth two in the bush? ;)
  12. ^ i saw that too! great bag, sketchy looking seller. there is another seller called "funtabif" out of Illinois who just sold 2 prune gazas with Best Offer, one right after another. the first listing said "i only have one." heh. i am pretty sure this oreo_waso seller used to be funtabif since their photos are identical, as are the weird shipping charge (21 cents).