Hayden-Harnett End of Summer Sale

  1. I got an email today from Hayden-Harnett. Selected styles are up to 50% off for one week. First 25 orders get free shipping with code summertime.
    The website is www.haydenharnett.com.
    Happy shopping!
  2. Oh oh-- too many people logging in? :search: I can't get into the site. I've been eyeing a rope handle bag from there.
  3. Went to the website, didn't see anything marked down.
  4. Try clicking this link:

    Hayden-Harnett Handbags On-Line Store - Search

    Also, I noticed that many of the bags are only discounted for certain colors. For example, the Mercer clutch is on sale for $202.40 in Luggage, but is still $253 in black. HTH!
  5. yeah I didn't see anything for 50% either. do we have to put a code in to get the discount?
  6. Thanks I just ordered my first Hayden-Harnett bags, it didn't say final sale, so I'm assuming that theis still have the 30 day return.
  7. Ackkkk! I read this thread too late!!! My dream Mulberry Havana Hobo is out of stock!!! Noooo!:crybaby:
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