Hayden Harnett Eggplant

  1. Does anyone have photos of a Hayden Harnett bag in Eggplant? I'm considering getting something in this color but sometimes the website photos aren't very accurate... I've had better luck with tPF photos...

    Thanks!! :flowers:
  2. I just got the Lorca in Eggplant, but my camera battery is dead. I'll try to post one tomorrow. I think the color is pretty close to the color on the website photos for the Havana in eggplant (which looks to me slightly darker than the photos for the Lorca). I'm considering going back and buying the Havana tomorrow either in eggplant or black, I can't decide! The practical side of me says to get the black, but there's something about the contrast stitching that I don't like.
  3. ^^ Thanks treegap! I can't wait to see!
  4. Okay, I hope I'm doing this right. I never seem to post pictures properly.

    Anyway, these two photos seem closest to the color IRL, in my opinion.
    Lorca 1rs.jpg Lorca 2rs.jpg
  5. Is eggplant different then plum?
    if not here is the plum
    Copy of HH3.jpg
  6. Yes, they are different colors. I've never seen the plum IRL, but from photos it appears to have more warm/pinkish undertones to it. The eggplant has cooler, more grey undertones.
  7. Beautiful! The color is a little deeper than the website... That is what I was wondering... if it was a true Eggplant or more of a Dark Purple... Do you love it? I think the Egglant is so much prettier than the Black too but I haven't seen either IRL...

    There are way too many bags I like... :girlsigh:
  8. hope this helps.
    hh6.jpg H3o.JPG
  9. ^^ OMG!! :drool::drool::drool: Is that the Plum or the Eggplant?
  10. I love the eggplant. I think I may go back and get another bac in the same color. I think the color is complex and it looks different in different lighting. It's not really the color of a true eggplant (not that dark), but in my opinion, it doesn't really have any pink in it, it's more of a "dusty" color, if that makes sense. In stronger, brighter light, it does look purple, but in my apartment, where the light is kind of weird/bad, it has smoky gray tones to it. Hope that helps! In any event, it's really pretty!!

    Which bag are you thinking of getting?
  11. The Havana or the Lorca (Bag Fetish's is sooooo pretty!)...
  12. That eggplant Lorca is TDF! I looove that color :smile: Its making me really want a lorca now!
  13. i really like that eggplant color, it would be a great fall color. i've never been crazy about the lorca tho
  14. Bag Fetish, that is Plum right?

    IMO, Plum is better than Eggplant. But HH no longer makes the Plum Havana.
  15. What is the difference between eggplant and amethyst? I have the salina in amethyst and it is a deep rich jeweltone purple. It is gorgeous!!