Hayden Harnett donating to autism awareness...

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  1. Just read this in lucky magazine...the "barnard" crossbody bag gets 30% donated to cure autism now. My DS #2 is on the autistic spectrum, so thought I'd share this with all HH fans. Pretty cool!
  2. That is very cool!!!:tup: Thanks for sharing! My son has autism~ now I must go check out the bag!!!
  3. That's such a great idea - DD is on the spectrum too :smile:...
  4. Wow--I wonder how many parents there are here on tpf? Drew was actually PDD-NOS until recently (I had him reassessed). Now's he's more on the "mild" end, but still solidly on the spectrum. Our school district has been horrible, we had to hire an atty, blah, blah, blah. Luckily, here in the state of OH we have an autism scholarship program where, once I have an agreed upon IEP, I can say "bye-bye" to our school district & take him somewhere else that is on the approved provider list. How old are your children (drew will soon be 4)?
  5. That is so cool that HH is doing this! Wish I'd seen this before my bag ban! My DS has some "autistic tendencies" (per his neurologist) but his other more significant developmental disabilities have been our primary focus. There are so many people I know today with kids with some degree of autism. I'm glad that there's more awareness and people trying to help out.
  6. Yay for HH! Autism is such an all-encompassing thing when it's in your life, and so many people don't even know it exists. Even if they don't raise a ton of cash, raising awareness is a wonderful thing.

    The Barnard is a gorgeous bag, I've been eyeing it since it first came out, and may get one for fall. I hesitate only because it's kind of a flat bag, not very deep. But I'm in love with the little HH details, and I love crossbody bags.
  7. Amytude, my DD just turned 5. We've been really blessed here that the school system is more aware of autism in public schools. We were fortunate to have an excellent team with us for our IEP and DD will be mainstreamed into our local kindy.

    On another note, I tell DH that I need bigger cross-body bags due to the kids and their particular needs (DD needs lots of small toys for her hands, DS has severe food allergies). Maybe the Barnard is in my future LOL!
  8. This is so true, my ds is PDD-NOS. Many people don't realize he is autistic, they assume he is just quiet, until he becomes frustrated, and then it becomes more obvious because he is nonverbal (4y).

    But way to go for HH, that's a significant contribution. I am going to find out what that bag looks like now.
  9. That is wonderful of them. My 5yr old is moderately autistic and physically disabled; NY has great services but public awareness of all disabilites is important...it would be so much easier to go shopping or to the park if people knew more and didn't stare at people who are different or think every tantrum means your kid is just a brat.
  10. ^I've become use to saying "he's autistic" when I get disapproving glances or remarks. That usually shuts them up fast. I've become so keenly aware of children around me on the spectrum, I'm sometimes amazed many, many people (parents included) are not aware of certain qualities about the child that do not point to a behavioral problem but a neurological one.
  11. I have tears in my eyes ladies....I have tears. I'm a Mom to four wonderful kids - 2 girls and 2 boys. My third child, a boy - was 6 this last April. He was identified when he was 3 as being "high functioning autistic." We enrolled him a special program - a very "least-restrictive" environment...and to say that he's grown over the last few years is an understatement. He used to watch the water run from the faucet for hours...carry little dimes in his hand and cry when there was a little spot of dirt on it....he wouldn't really socialize with anyone.....and never never never would be able to pretend-play. With early intervention, I feel that he's a different person. He never stops talking....it does get a little repetitive sometimes - and he still self-stims, but only in terms of being a little jumpy or "zoning out in class" (he's in a "transitional Kindergarten" class of 6 that's mainstreamed for a couple of hours in the morning, and then brought back to their class in the afternoon - we're hoping to mainstream him completely by 2nd grade....
    He wanders around the playground still though. I see him - he's not unhappy - he's bouncing around in his own world...skipping and talking a lot to the teachers. But I feel sad because it seems like the other kids are so into these little groups.
    People are amazed by him. Just as a person. Some people don't even know he's autistic. But I know that's his diagnosis. I even tell myself that if he was observed now, he probably wouldn't even get the same diagnosis, but then he'll go and still do "things' like the battery alarm went off on a cell phone somewhere in our house the other day and he was covering his ears and SHAKING - he was sooo scared - I had to turn the house inside out to find it.
    He's academically very strong, but I know he's got a long way to go. He pretend plays now with his siblings and he's an absolute joy to be around. Sometimes the screaming when he doesn't get his way, or his pickiness in eating gets to all of us...it takes a lot of patience and time......and I always hope and pray that he will have a normal life - a normal "marriage, kids, job, etc" and hope hope hope hope when he sniffs my arm and sighs "oh Mommy - you smell so beautiful...."
  12. I know, the future is really scary sometimes. I try to stay in the present and then you see something or someone that gets you thinking. I know my baby is never going to have anything close to a typical life, I just pray he's always surrounded with people who love him. I just want him to be happy and feel good about himself.
  13. i too am a mom of autisic children. wow here i was going to this board just to kick back and escape and now i know that there are other mommies here in the same place as me.
    well here is a big hug! {{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{}}}}}}}}}}}}}
  14. I started a new thread under "health and fitness" having to deal with Moms of kids with autism - hope it would be a nice place where we can all talk and know that no one will EVER judge - and perhaps even offer some advice, coping skills, etc.
  15. ^^What a nice thing, thank you!