Hayden harnett: does someone have the Stella coat?

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  1. i cannot for the life of me find a picture of it on this forum! i ran a few searches too. can someone post theirs here if they have them? i wnated to see it on someone before i buy...im worried the sleeves will look weird on me. also, should i size down? i wear S in their Luna trench, and its pretty fitted on me (esp in the bust, i could use a bit more room)

    thanks so much!
  2. okay, i found pics! i ordered it. i cannot wait to get it, i hope it fits me! im worried about the sleeves- i have long arms so i dont think itd be too overwhelming, but i am petite, 5'4
  3. Okay, here are photos of me and an XS Stella......
    The top portion is very generous, the bottom of the coat is more fitted, so I would order a size that would fit your hips......I wear a size 27/4 in pants and am hippy - the XS is a tight fit.
    I love how the coat can have different "looks"...completely buttoned up top or it can be open - like a trench (sorry, no photos of this look). I love shape of the buttons - but they are plastic - ugh. All in all, well worth price tag!
    For reference: I am 4"11" without shoes and the 3/4 sleeves are almost standard length for me.
    Good luck and let me know if you have any other questions.....

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  4. Yeah...didn't see your post before responding...I think the sleeve length will look GREAT on you. Congrats!

    PS - I was told by HH that the belt for this coat does not have a buckle. They never changed the photo on their website to reflect this change. Just a heads-up!
  5. OMG, now there are three of us who will be rocking the Stella and a Luna dress. The S Luna fits me well, as does the XS Stella. I'm 5-1 and a 2 or 4.