Hayden Harnett- Deals on Amazon

  1. I do love chocolate lorcas... but I too will wait...
  2. really good deal on the Barnard too! just 30$ more than the SS today...
  3. ^ And for $30 you can RETURN it!!!

  4. hee hee! it's true. if i had known about this i wouldn't have gone with the SS item maybe
  5. I know- I was amazed to find these rather good deals on Amazon- or perhaps it's just that HH deals were so lacking in the "bargain" department?!
  6. I just orderd the Barnard Crossbody in Black for the same price as the SS ($162.50) and saved the $10.55 in shipping. Wasn't going to buy it but couldn't pass it up - and I can return it if I change my mind!