Hayden Harnett Currant color question

  1. Im looking at various pics of this color and can't tell....is it a true rose pink or does it have a purplish tinge? Id love a true rose but dont want any purply-pinks
  2. I have the Mercer clutch in Current and to my eye it is a deep pink leaning towards brown. My husband and son insist it is a brown bag and I call it pink. Perhaps a deep mauve would be a description. there is definitely no blue or purple in the tones. I hope this helps you.
  3. I have a NIco in Current and mine is def. purpley pink. Mine has no brown shades at all.
  4. I agree it is pinky purple. More pink than purple, it is very pretty. I have the currant salina pouch.
  5. I have a currant XX hobo - and it is nowhere near a rose pink -
    I find it to be a purple with a lot of red in it...

    i think if you are looking for a non-purply pink - I think the blush is the closest shot in terms of what HH offers at the moment
  6. I've seen one IRL before and it definately has a stron purple tint to it