hayden-harnett CRUMMY SERVICE

  1. I ordered a Mischa canvas and jute crossbody bag from them, thinking great! I can use this PF 15% discount and it's JUST the bag I need for my vacation next week.....well they sent the wrong bag, it's a big hobo that I don't like and when I tried to call the phone rang and rang, then I got voicemail saying the box was full--then I tried calling again and it's been BUSY all day. I tried emailing them and got a note that they were out of the office all week!

    Who runs a business like this?

  2. A small business owner who closes for vacation, goes for surgery, or doesn't want to pick up the phone and answer email?
  3. I had terrible problems with them. I have posted about it a few times.
  4. Yea..I ordered a luggage mercer clutch from them. I have yet to get an order confirmation, and I ordered it more than a week ago. I emailed them, but apparently the people are out of town or something and told me to email another address. I have yet to hear a reply >_<
  5. Weird, I've always found them to be very responsive and provide great service.
  6. Count me in! I WANTED to love them. I ordered TWO bags, I got billed for and paid for 2 and got ONE yesterday, with both listed as shipped on one packing slip so it isn't on it's way- yet ANOTHER mistake. I am not happy!! This is absolutely unacceptable and I told them as much in an email. This is a long time to be away and abandon your business for.

    Toni and Ben are out of the Office 4-15 to 4-23

    We apologize, but we're out of the office this week for a development
    trip. Please address all queries to showroom@haydenharnett.com or
    contact our showroom by phone, 212-564-3720.
    Thanks and again, sorry for the inconvenience.
  7. I think these are all problems that small businesses have. I do think that Misslola's case was a bit ridiculous. It took me a little while to get my bags, about 3 weeks total, but I was ok with that. I half imagined someone sitting there stitching my bag as I waited. Hopefully, they will get better soon. I'm sorry to hear that so many of you are having problems with their service.
  8. I think HH may have gotten too "big" or "hot" too quickly and they haven't invested the time and manpower for this expansion.... Hopefully it's just temporary.
  9. I would agree with this. From what I've read, the people running this company are very nice, but I think with all the good things being said about the bags, they are selling more than they anticipated and having some problems keeping up. I have seen great reviews for their bags on a lot of the bag blogs. I ordered my Mercer satchel from Blondette.com, and they sent me an email about it being delayed for a week, and it showed up a few days later. It is a very beautiful bag.

    I understand your frustration in having problems with your order, but I believe they will make it right for you. Good luck!
  10. Luna Boston has great CS service. In fact, one of the best I have ever dealt with. If they have the color you want, I would consider ordering from them. There are codes for them too.

    You can call them directly and talk to the owner Sarah or one of the other girls who work there.
  11. I ordered a HH at MightyFlirt.com on March 8th! It was supposed to be delivered in mid-april. I'm still waiting........................
  12. I ordered mine from Blondette. Excellent service, and I will certainly order from the site again. Sorry you are having problems.
  13. Another rave for Blondette. I ordered my hobo from them and it was delivered very promptly and there are codes for them as well.
  14. Yes, Luna Boston does have very good customer service. I ordered from them before and they shipped the bag very quickly. I have also ordered from HH and they were very nice. Toni was the person who emailed me and I remembered in one email he told me that they were overwhelmed because of their popularity. That was back in February. Usually they have great customer service.
  15. I can understand you being upset with Toni..... Chances are, if they're away on business developement (as most handbag designers HAVE to do... ) they're away for a week MINIMUM. If she's going over to factories to do quality checks, then it's understandable that she has to go, as this is a SMALL business and i'm sure she and her boyfriend/husband/(whoever ben is) are the only ones running things.