Hayden Harnett Corcovado VS F+C Jet Setter JR.


Jul 18, 2006
Totally different looks and the HH is larger. That said, the HH is a rocking bag. I have quite a few HH bags and have never been dissappointed in any of my purchases. I wanted to love the F+C bags after reading all of the comments on tpf, but I tried them IRL and hated the leather and the lack of basic organization.

BTW, that HH is currently on sale. Check out the Deals and Steals forum.


Nov 19, 2007
I haven't seen it IRL but it doesn't look like the Jet Setter would fit comfortably on the shoulder... It looks like more of a handbag IMO... As for the HH... I have this bag in the Emerald Goat and I absolutely love it... It is very soft and molds nicely to the body after using it for about a week... HOWEVER... I'm not sure if the patent leather version would fit the same since patent tends to be a bit more stiff... It might be a little bulky... I think you might be happier with a black Hayden Harnett Havana or a different bag altogether... Good luck on your decision!