Hayden Harnett-Coral?

  1. Has anyone seen this color in person? I know that the pictures of the Chalk color are off, and am wondering if the pics of the Coral are as well?
  2. Hi,

    I've been drooling over the coral color as well, but am stuck between a few of Hayden-Harnett bags. I'll be in the city next week,- I'm going to a store called Searle which carries Hayden-Harnett, and purchase one, since they all look so beautiful. I may end up getting one for Mother's day for my mother instead though. Oh well.
  3. Will you post a review when you get back? I have the Mercer Satchel in Chalk, and I really love it.
  4. Hey guys! I posted pics of my Mercer clutch in coral in the "pics of my hayden harnett belted clutch" thread if you want to check it out. I'm in love with it!
  5. Hi bailxexb,
    Can I ask what is the feel of the coral leather? Is it velvety/squishy or sort of glossy and wrinkly? (this is the difference between the luggage and black colors of the hh bags)
  6. Umm... I think glossy and wrinkly? I haven't felt the luggage to be able to notice a difference. I'm looking at it now and it looks wrinkly! lol Hope this helps
  7. Thanks! It seems the luggage leather is the anomaly of all the leathers! Did you get the coral bag on the HH website?