Hayden Harnett Coral vs Poppy Red

  1. Hi fellow HH Lovers. I'm hoping someone familiar with the coral color can help me with this. How similiar are these colors?
  2. I think that they are the same. HH calls the color poppy red, but some have said that coral is an apt description.
  3. ^ I agree! I would say it's more of a medium coral as opposed to a deep coral. Love it!
  4. http://www.blondette.com/custom/cart/edit.asp?p=108981

    Is this color Poppy RED? It looks a bit darker then Poppy Red and why does this site call it Coral if it's Poppy Red? I just want to get something to match my Poppy Red Bag.
  5. Ooo good question. That does look more red than poppy. Could just be the lighting. I don't remember if HH ever had a color named "coral", maybe from their first season? Maybe it'd be worth a question to Ben/Toni/Salina/the rest of their crew... that's probably my best suggestion. Is this returnable if it turns out not to be poppy?
  6. Wow, that's a beautiful cuff.

    I saw a coral Havana on eBay the other day, so it's worth the photo reference at the least. I didn't know that they'd even made that color.

    Then again, I'm still learning.
  7. Well, it certainly doesn't match the poppy Mercer Triple-Compartment I have, not by a long shot - .

    It doesn't look like my idea of coral, either. The photo looks like red, period.

    Remember, Hayden-Harnett makes things 'special' for other companies, so maybe this is one of those things...?
  8. Thanks everyone, I didn't think it matched my Poppy Red TC Satchel either but I wanted to check with you guys to be sure. Thanks! I wish it did match...it's gorgeous!
  9. for a brief period of time i owned a "poppy" nico... it photographs so differently depending on the light.

    I would say that this cuff is poppy.