Hayden Harnett Code 15% off

  1. I bought a Mercer Wallet a couple weeks ago and they gave me a coupon in the box for 15% off my next purchase. So I bought a Mercer Satchel today and used it and realized it was the same code I used from my last purchase a month ago. I thought it was somehow linked to me and my purchases but I don't think so since they keep sending me the same coupon with the same number. I got 60+ dollars off my Satchel so if anyone wants to order from HH try Code BPT2532 . The Coupon does not indicate it is just for me.
  2. OMG, thanks lexie! i've been eyeing a Hayden Harnett bag but was hoping i get my hands on a discount first before buying. hope it works! thanks so much!
  3. this is great, too bad there is no longer a sale section!
  4. And HH accepts Paypal payments. And when you pay that way, you get an email from HH saying you can save 10% off your next purchase but I always use the coupon for 15%.
    BabyK, let me know if it works. The discount code box is first before you put in your name address, etc so don't miss it.
  5. I just used the code on a Paule Marrot bag and it worked. Thank you so much! Also I just Googled, and it looks like they use one code for everything, this Purse Blog post from April 2006 mentions the same code.
  6. Thanks Lexie! I just purchased a wallet that I've been looking at. Code went through fine. Yipppeee!
  7. Oh Goodie...I'm glad I could share the joy! LOL
  8. Did you fill out the survey? Choice of cute little coin purse comes free with next order...
    Thank you for filling out our survey!

    I'm already planning mine :yes: