Hayden Harnett clutch wallet...buy now or wait?

  1. i really want that clutch wallet...in grey or eggplant, which are new colors, right? im wondering if itll go on sale come HH fall/winter sales at the end of the year. do you gals think so?

    otherwise im itching to use the lucky breaks code at luna boston to get it :biggrin:
  2. I'd say go for the eggplant. The color looks really good! And it's always fun to have a wallet in a pop color.
  3. az, I've never seen the clutch wallet go on sale. I have used ROCK2007 to get a minute discount, but - nah, in my experience they haven't gone on sale. Having written that, they'll probably go on sale in the next big one...
  4. I would like to offer my own experience with the clutch wallet...

    I fell in love with this wallet at first sight. Particularly enamored with the Plum and Cobalt, I decided I would wait until the wallet went on sale. They ended up selling out on the HH website and everywhere else. I then found out that they were made in extremely limited production and that finding the Cobalt or Plum HH wallet would be extremely difficult. I only wanted these two and no other colors, and not one from the new line, because the Cobalt and Plum from the prior season came with that gorgeous silk lining and from what I have heard, exceptionally soft and supple leather. The new HH line of wallet comes with the signature print which I dont really like...Anyhow, I embarked upon a search for this wallet; stalking eBay, blondette, thepursestore, bagshop, Hayden Harnett, JC Madison, Endless, and much more in my efforts to find this wallet.

    To make a long story short, I found the wallet and purchased it today from a small boutique in NYC called Blueberry. I paid for the wallet today and should be getting it in the mail shortly.

    The moral to the story: If you want one of these wallets in a certian color, buy it while you can and while they are in stock!
  5. Here is a pic of IndiaInk's Cobalt Clutch Wallet! Soooo gorgeous!
  6. Wow, GUNG, I didn't realize I had some collector's items on my hands! Wow! I had no idea! But I've only got three - the cobalt, plum, and saddle. All with that lovely silk lining.

    Thanks for reposting that photo - you know, you are a hell of an administrative person, mind like a steel trap, I swear.

  7. ITA:yes:!!!!
  8. "Thanks for reposting that photo - you know, you are a hell of an administrative person, mind like a steel trap, I swear.[/quote]"

    Hmm it sounds like a compliment so I will say thank you! I dont really understand what you mean...can you explain a little...particularly the "steel trap" part? LOL

    *Unless of course, I am being totally dense right now, and you are mad at me for using your photo? If that is the case, Im sorry! I just thought I looked extra pretty against the luxe Havana
  9. NO, no no no no, GUNG, not at all. OK, here's the deal: Once a steel trap closes, it's closed for good until it's pried off or cut off. There is no getting out of it, see.

    So - your mind = steel trap. Once something goes in, it doesn't come out. You posting that photo: You remembered where it was, in the many-layered maze of Hayden-Harnett posts, and posted it again for the benefit of all of us. You knew that, and you'll probably know it again. So, again - your mind = steel trap. You have the ability to retain information.

    Get it? I meant it as the highest compliment.

  10. I also have never seen these go on sale. I would buy it now from somewhere that you can use a discount code. I bought one from Luna Boston and ended up returning it because it wasn't quite right for me, but it is a great wallet and Luna Boston had excellent customer service.
  11. I say go for it. the eggplant is great for fall and winter. wait for a sale and not only do u run the risk of it selling out, but you wont get the full season out of it:happydance:
  13. might i ask why it wasnt right for you? ive heard stories about cards not fitting in the slots of some HH wallets..but i guess i could always return it. thanks!
  14. screw it, i got the eggplant! i'm very happy i did, i think id regret it if i waited and they ran out..esp since they are a small company and i doubt they have huge amounts of everything! thanks for the enabling!
  15. :tup: This is a fabulous wallet. Bought it so I could carry my check and checkbook in it and it all fits comfortably. Lots of pockets that hold tons of receipts, etc. and the cc slots are perfect sizing. Has a pen holder loop which is on the small size. Even when I put a pen in there though, it requires some effort to close the wallet but it is doable. That would be the only drawback but for me it is not an issue as the wallet is in saddle and it makes me nervous pulling a pen in and out as I might make marks. The leather is scrumptuous and the wallet is a joy to hold!