Hayden Harnett clothes

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  1. Hello, ladies!

    After keeping up with the monster thread on the HH Labor Day Sale, I realized people were buying - and asking questions about - HH clothes as well as their bags.

    I will gather all of my own comments on HH clothes from the HH Labor Day Sale thread, and re-post them here. This will give us a place, seperate from all of the bag-talk, to review HH's clothes and accessory offerings.

    Hope to see you posting soon, as sale orders trickle in to their new owners!
  2. [​IMG] Re: Hayden Harnett -- Labor Day Sale - Posted Sep 6, Post #2311
    Originally Posted by mockinglee [​IMG]
    Anyone know how HH clothes fit? Do they run small, big, true-to-size? I'm totally eyeing that Afra wrap, but the small is sold out.

    I think HH clothes run a bit big. I ordered two dresses on sale in April (both seem to be gone from the site now) - a jersey dress with leather waistband and deep v-neck, which fit perfectly in a small (I wear 4, 6, or 8 depending on company), and the Luna trench dress.

    I originally got the Luna in a medium, thinking my hips would need it with the drop waist, but I was swimming in it. I exchanged for the small, which fits perfectly and which I've already worn about 20 times this summer! I also ordered a size 6 Danika silk blouse in the Big Bang sale, but it went to my mother-in-law (who normally wears an 8 or a 10 on top) as it was too big on me.

    Note that any of their dresses that look mini on the site really are! My brother's girlfriend tried on the Luna in medium before I exchanged it - she's 5'10" to my 5'2" - and it looked like a doll's dress on her. But if you're petite, they're perfect!

    Since the Afra is a wrap, though, I think you might be ok sizing up.
  3. Re: Hayden Harnett -- Labor Day Sale - Posted Sep 7 - Post #2540
    Originally Posted by cciele [​IMG]
    I like that Isabelle city dress...was eyeing that during the last sale. Nice deal on the olive Inka!

    I have the Isabelle city dress in ocean - it is a beautiful dress, especially on curves. Very well made - the skirt is pleated, rather than gathered, into the waistband, which gives it swing without hip bulk, and is silk-lined. The trapunto-stitched leather is super soft, and goes all the way around the waist and the neckline. For me, the v-neck is a bit too low for a day dress, but with the leather trim you will be the cool-without-trying girl at the wedding or party.
  4. Re: Hayden Harnett -- Labor Day Sale - Posted Sep 9 - Post #3097
    Originally Posted by dcblam [​IMG]
    Yes, I'm not thrilled with the latest editions, but hopefully others will be.

    I've been eyeing the crochet necklace for awhile, but it looks huge....like wearing a giant doilie! IMO, it could be either spectacular :yahoo: or a fashion-disaster :wtf:......
    any thoughts?
    Thanks -

    I think it is a very striking look - but go look at Etsy, search "crochet" under their clothing and accessories, there are a ton of different versions, colors, by independent artists/crafters - almost all for less $$. This sort of necklace looks great over a shirt or dress with a plain neckline - even over a contrasting-color t-shirt. It is a modern update on a 30s/40s style where you would have a seperate collar (often crochet, I have two from my grandmother, one in ecru lace, one in bronze-beaded crochet) that you could move from blouse to blouse. It was an economical way of expanding your wardrobe, plus allowed for seperate laundering of delicate collars.
  5. Re: Hayden Harnett -- Labor Day Sale - Posted Sep 9 - Post #3944
    Originally Posted by dcblam [​IMG]
    GlamaRuth -
    ...You just ooze fabulous-ness! Thanks for the info on Etsy, first time at that site and it won't be my last. I think I'm gonna go for the HH one, esp. since I read that it's handmade by Toni's grandmother!
    Your posts are so informative and a delight to read.....thanks again!:yes:

    I read that too! The grandma-touch does make it better!:smile: It is a great way to add a demure, old-fashioned touch to an edgier outfit, like a black t with sharply cut pants and jacket, or to make a soft sweater even girlier! Also an unexpected way to fill in a lower neckline.
  6. Re: Hayden Harnett -- Labor Day Sale - Posted Sep 11 - Post #3932
  7. Thanks for starting this thread, GlamaRuth! I only have one piece of HH clothing--the Julia jacket in white--but am impressed with the quality and little innovative touches in the jacket.

    I missed out on getting the Isabelle city dress--wasn't sure the earth color would work with my skintone, so waited too long to order it.

    I love the leather coats in the Fall catalog, and the Emma Peelish black dress: wowza! I could use a leather jacket, but don't have $690 to drop on one, unfortunately :sad:
  8. Thanks for thinking of this GlamaRuth! Your comments in the various threads have been very helpful. Hopefully this will make it easier to find info on HH clothes. I have two blouses which I love -- the Danika blouse in plum and the Azul blouse in black. I totally agree that the Danika runs really large as I had to go down two sizes. I have worn the blouse with jeans and am thinking about wearing it to a wedding rehearsal. The Azul seems to fit true to size. I tried on the Inula sweetheart shirt, but the style wasn't for me. When my sister saw me with the shirt on, her initial reaction was very "Big Love," especially with the puffed shoulders. I found the sleeves on the Inuk to be rather fitted. This morning I ordered the Yvonne parka in eggplant, and I can't wait until it gets cool outside and I can wear it! The parka also runs large. I usually wear a size 10/large in brands such as theory or bcbg, but the Yvonne in large was swimming on me. For winter, I would love to purchase the Estelle pea coat in charcoal. I am really excited about HH's clothing collection!
  9. I think HH has some cute dresses, but I was hesitant to order since I can't try on. Good info - thanks!
  10. I am dying to see someone in some pics with the dresses on...They look beautiful!!!
  11. Great idea, GlamaRuth! I'm waiting for an Inula Sweetheart shirt and a Loupe belt to come. I am DYING for the Bardot leather jacket, but after the damage I did at the Labor Day sale, I can't afford it yet.
  12. I love that Bardot jacket... $690 in the catalog but did you notice it is only $450 on the website??? Urgh, what to do!
  13. Hey all! My friend received a Bernadette trench yesterday and she loves it! I'm begging her to send me pics so I can post them here!
  14. I was eyeing that and would have bought it if it weren't double breasted. I love printed coats. They look so unique and different than the solid coats you can buy anywhere.
  15. I agree with Toni and iluvshopin, we definitely need to get some pics in this thread - says the girl who hasn't even managed to post a single measley shot of her Mercer from the Big Bang sale yet!

    Howz about this: my husband is going on a business trip in a couple of weeks, and promised to show me how to load pics onto the computer (what can I say, I'm a pen and paper kind of girl!) before he goes, so I can post a bunch of vintage clothes on eBay (been meaning to do it for ages, my collection is overflowing and I even moved a bunch of the stuff with me cross country, how's that for efficiency).

    If I can convince a girlfriend to work with me (probably for a clothes bribe - I play Barbie with most of my friends, as I have a ton - my grandmother's vintage and my own - but am also very generous, as I believe clothes, even precious vintage pieces, are meant to be worn), I will shoot my HH clothing (and bags) as well. Hopefully my haul from the Labor Day sale will have arrived by then, so I can include it. Most excited to try the gold corset belt over a mustard suede Bonnie Cashin dress...