Hayden Harnett Bowery Clutch, Silver Anaconda

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  1. This has to be the best $33 I've ever spent! HH does it again, really! My pics don't do the Bowery any justice either.

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  2. ay dios mio!!!!!!!!!!!

    that is so beautiful!!!! i bought the vintage silver one for ~44$ and wondering why the heck i didn't get this awesome snakey one too!

    also, do i spy an iznik yellow buckle keyfob??? :faint:
  3. ^ You're right!
  4. [​IMG]
  5. Woot woot toni! You learned to insert pics and ran with it!
  6. $33??? What a deal! I love it Toni!
  7. Toni, I have the silver anaconda bowery clutch and paid around $67 in the Thankful sale but you got a STEAL! Isn't it wonderful? I just love it!
  8. What a steal!! I love it!
  9. Too cute. Your picture makes me jealous. They didn't look as great on the website but the HHH pix show how great the bowery is! I hope there are more coming in the spring.
  10. Lovely! I wish I had snagged one during the sale.
  11. Yeah, I was up all night inserting pics all over the forum! :wlae: :wlae:
  12. We should know by now that HH pics really don't do their bags any justice at all. I was expecting a really small hard and structured clutch but this is quite the opposite.
  13. love it! looked a bit too glitzy on the HH site so i got the bronze and anaconda one, which is slightly more toned down. but it looks great in your pics. sorta wished i had gotten it and saved $30 or so, but at least i love my bowery!
  14. LOVE IT!! what a beauty...and what a killer deal you got Toni!
  15. Adorable and a total steal!! I was soooo tempted on that but I've gone a little "clutch crazy" this year and have several I'm not using at all already.