Hayden Harnett Big Bang Sale

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  1. I would overnight morning you a batch of the yummy burgers if I could have that oyster lorca :smile: They really should open up more locations around the US- if you go at lunchtime here, the wait's a good 30 min-hour and it's supposed to be fast food. My bf was just saying a few min ago that he wants more today. Trust me- i would give up almost a whole week without in-n-out in for another lorca baby.

    And i've never had trouble with the turnlock- You'll love it!
  2. Oh- i forgot to say- in-n-out's known for using only fresh ground beef (not the frozen patty kind) in addition to fresh fries. I sound like a walking billboard for them . .. .they should pay me. Or no, just gimme free food!

    And thank you! I had a bunch of glamour shots taken last time I went to China- a bunch of fun and i'm so unphotogenic, i figured it was about time to get some nice pictures that I could look at when I'm old and wrinkled. :smile:
  3. Lizzy---crazy girl. I am hunting down a LORCA myself!
  4. Whoa! Score, girl! :nuts:

    I'm gonna start drinking wine before these sales!
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    Yummy! In-N-Out Burger...I miss them terribly! When I visit my folks, that's one of the first places I visit..and it's oh so conveniently located next to a Krispy Kreme too :heart:!

    Digression: If you do find an In-N-Out Burger, don't forget the "Secret Menu":

  6. auddy, lizzy and posky...I need a LORCA!!!
  7. ^^I know, Savvy, I know, girl! We need pager numbers or something for each other...
  8. Aud...lesson learned from the last LP sale.....wine does wonders for stalking and buying from on line sales! Heck look at Asark, she didn't think she would be able to hit the keyboard fast enough to order after her drinkipoos, and she snagged a Lorca!!

    Savvy...keeping my feelers out and fingers crossed for a Lorca for you, looks like it's another day at the computer...LOL

    And Chinadoll....I'm going to have to take a trip now to try those darn burgers...I have to be about the farthest point away I could possibly be from them..:crybaby:
  9. :yes:....Yes handbag sale "Tag Team"...what a great idea Aud!!

  10. All's I know is that if I drank alcohol and went online shopping, I would probably end up buying a Yugo from ebay...
  11. Or a Pacer....LOL.....It's strange it is almost the reverse of what you would think it would do for reflex actions....hahahaha

  12. ^^Yes, and the In-N-Out people are really efficient about it! It's not like at Carl's Jr. or BK where you have to sit there and describe your food in detail. The secret menu is perfect!
  13. that ruby clutch wallet is up again for the 30 min special-- it's such a pretty color! too bad i don't need a new wallet-- not for $85, anyway...
  14. I am going to be completely away for the 1pm and 4pm (PST) featured items!!!!!!! I bet the 80s Floripa comes up just to slap me in the face for having spent so much time looking at the sale this week!