Hayden-Harnett Big Bang Sale/Every 30 Minutes

  1. Hayden-Harnett is now doing an 'every 30 minutes' sale on one item - along with their Big Bang secret sale, they're picking one item every 30 minutes and offering it at 50 percent off... it's highlighted at the top of the page:

  2. Thanks for posting - what a brilliant move to get people hooked on their website!
    Hopefully - it will make others happy to see a bag of their choice pop up as one of those 30 min. sale items!
  3. Very cool! Thanks for posting this!
  4. When they start doing 50% off the sale price, then I'll get excited. The promo is 50% the retail price of items that are already on sale for a lower price. For example, currently the Mosa black leather hobo is being sold for $305 as part of the 50% off promo, and $152 as part of the sale.
  5. I don't get it: at the top of the page it's $305 but lower on the page it's $150 something. I'm talking about the black Mosa bag. It's more expensive at the "great deal" than on the regular sale? HH confuses me with this and if someone can explain what I am missing, I will appreciate it.
  6. Yep, I was just going to say the same thing: the "Big Bang" sale for the black mosa is $305, from an original $610. Not bad, but if you scroll down the page, you can get it on their "regular" sale page for $152.50. This isn't the first time we've seen weird glitches on the HH pages. Be careful, ladies!
  7. I know what you mean....crazy....so, I just got off the phone w/HH and spoke w/Salina to let her know about this glitch - unfortunately, the IT guy isn't in....ugh.
    Hopefully, corrections will be made. Boy, U guys are on top of things!!!!
  8. So when it is fixed it should be 50% off the sale price? If that's the case, colored me excited! There are a couple of bags I have my eye on. And oh, I hope they put the clothes on sale, too!
  9. lorca in gold $144! for 5 mins left!
  10. oh! sooo sad to miss the lorca gold :[

    i took the dog for a walk and missed out!
  11. anyone know if they've done any of the same bag in different colors? i missed the gold lorca, but would love another color....

    also want a cuff...
  12. Yeah, they had the Mercer satchel in black and later in red last night. Seems like the program randomly selects an item from the sale page; could be items will repeat? Who knows! I hope they fix the 50% off issue with items that are already more than 50% off...
  13. but there's no gold lorca on the sale site... and i don't think there was before, although i could have just missed it... this sale confuses me. :confused1:
  14. Weird, the Margot bag currently on sale at the top of the page is $169, but below in the general sale listings it says $84??
  15. lorca gold was NOT on the sale page (i may have bought it and def would have noticed it)! it must be taking bags at random from the entire inventory.