Hayden Harnett Barnard?


Oct 24, 2006
I've been on the hunt for a cross body bag to hold my essentials, and now that I've gotten hooked on Hayden Harnett, I was eying the Barnard


Does anyone have it? I'm looking for a bag that's not too big or too small and lightweight to hold my wallet, sunglasses, keys, cell, and small agenda. I'm wondering if it's too big for that. I have a HH Lorca which fits my things perfectly. According to the website, the Barnard is taller but narrower, so I don't know if they're about the same size or if the Barnard's much bigger. Any input would be great! Thanks!


So thankful.
Apr 20, 2006
I don't have the Barnard, but I've been eyeing it ever since it came out. I think it's gorgeous!

I don't think it would be too big for what you need -- if you look at the measurements, it's fairly big (13x9), but it's only 1" deep. I suspect the front pocket adds some depth too, but it's still a pretty flat bag.

Also, there's a thread here that says HH donates 30% of Barnard sales to Autism awareness - great cause!

If you get it, please post pics!! I'd love to see how it looks IRL.