Hayden-Harnett Bags?

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  1. Hi Everyone,

    There was a thread a while ago in Deals and Steals about a Hayden-Harnett sale. I went online to check it out and saw a few styles I like, but I'm not at all familiar with this brand.

    Anyone out there own a HH bag? I hear the leather is very soft. Owners, what do you think? Recommended? TIA :yes:
  2. The leather is wonderful, as is the quality of their bags in general. Everyone on here who has gotten one has loved it. (that I've seen...may have missed a negative) I've gotten three and they're all unique. One is not me (I'm older) but the others are perfect and for any age group. Soft, soft - to answer your specific question. Highly recommend!!
  3. depends on which bag you choose
  4. I was looking at either: (1) Havana Hobo; (2) Hudson Hobo; or (3) Hudson Triple-Strap Satchel
  5. I just bought the Havana Hobo in cobalt a few weeks ago and the quality and details are excellent. The leather is very soft and the bag is well designed.
  6. Thank you for all the tips!

    Did all of you purchase the tassel to go with the bag? Is it a "must" accessory?
  7. Oh I LOVE the tassles. It's a must for me. But I just ordered a Hudson Hobo in Smoke Blue and there is no available matching tassle. Or you could bet your bottom dollar I'd have one.
    The leather on the Lorca's are nothing less than luscious.

  8. I'm also leaning towards the Hudson Hobo, but in black. If you get it soon, please let me know how you like it!
  9. I have a couple of the Mercer satchels, a Lorca flap, and have just ordered a Hudson Satchel in black. I'm a huge fan of HH bags. So far I have found them to be very well designed, and like everyone else, I think the various leathers they use are scrumptious.
  10. Yeppun, by Hobo is due in on Tuesday. I'll be sure to post a pic. Check out all the other threads about Hayden Harnett on this board. I swear someone posted pics of their black Hudson Hobo.
  11. I saw the Mercer nico hobo (is that the right name?) IRL yesterday, it was light tan (saddle?) and really gorgeous. The leather was very soft but it didn't feel too fragile.
  12. pseub, kimmi- thanks for all your really good help! I'm pretty much set on ordering a HH bag now...only problem is, which one...

    Lexie- I'll definitely be looking forward to your pictures! I'm also gonna try and find the other HH threads. thanks a lot for your help!
  13. I have the Havana Hobo in black (with big fat tassel), and I love it. Great quality, yummy leather, excellent details. I highly recommend HH!
  14. Okay- I'm pretty much set on either (1) the Hudson hobo or (2) the Hudson triple-strap satchel...BUT I CAN'T DECIDE WHICH :nuts:

    The sale ends tomorrow, so I have to decide quick.

    OWNERS OF THESE TWO STYLES- CONVINCE ME WHY YOUR STYLE IS BETTER (or if you own both, let me know which one you like more)! I'm looking for an everyday black bag, and absolutely LOVE both of these styles, but I can only get one. HELP!
  15. I have the Hudson satchel - have never seen the hobo IRL. I'm 5'5" and here are some images of me and my bag. I adore the leather! It holds everything I need it to carry and I can retrieve anything effortlessly. It has feet to keep it off surfaces. The only thing I would change about the satchel is that I would make the rings for the shoulder strap somewhat smaller. When I'm carrying it by the handles (very comfy handles, by the way) they tend to stick up.
    hh-1.jpg hh-3.jpg hh-4.jpg hh-lining.jpg hh-2.jpg