HAYDEN HARNETT Bags - The chain/charm that comes with

  1. Does anyone ever use the HH chain/charm that they receive w/their bags as a charm bracelet? Don't they actually advertise it as a removable charm bracelet?

    I have two of them (one on my Triple Strap, the other on my Havana Hobo), and I've left both of them dangling from the bags. Since my Havana also has a tassel, I thought about removing the chain/charm & using it as a bracelet.

    Thoughts anyone?
  2. I have never used it as a bracelet but I really love it on my bags -- just the perfect touch.
  3. Never wanted to use it as a bracelet (never even thought of it, actually, even though it is advertised as that) - I think it's totallly cool on the handbag, adds the perfect bit of sparkle and class. I'd like to get an extra to put on my Triple C - the luggage tag looks dumb to me, after being used to the 'bag bracelet'.
  4. On a slightly different note...I am loving my new HH Gaza Satchel in Prune! The only part about it I'm not sure about are the tassels - I think there might be a few too many for my taste. Would it be horrible to remove the ones from the little side zippers? That would leave it with just a little ring as the zipper pull. Any opinions?