Hayden-Harnett bag in Pyrite...

  1. I'm thinking about purchasing a Hayden-Harnett Lorca bag in Pyrite, just wondering if anybody has any of their bags in that color leather and what they think of it?

    Photo from HaydenHarnett.com
  2. Received the HH bag in Pyrite. For those interested, the Pyrite is more like Botkier's Pewter:
    (photo from NeimanMarcus.com)

    The leathers are exactly alike in texture and in color. Since I already own a Botkier in that color, I decided to exchange the HH Pyrite Lorca for one in Black. I love the Lorca bag though! I can't wait for the Black one to arrive!!! :biggrin:
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  3. Please post pics w/ your new HH bag, I love their bags, the leather is always amazing. How did you like your Lorca design? Was it easy to get in/out of??
    I've thought about getting one.

  4. I need to get pics of my Lorca bags! I :heart: them!

    I loved the one in black so much that my DH got me the Lorca Luxe in Luggage!!! :biggrin: I get compliments on them all the time! The leather is just so unbelievably soft!!! :yes:
  5. Yes, pictures please! :yes:
  6. Attached are the pics of my HH Lorcas! :biggrin:
    Lorca Black with Tassel.jpg Lorca Luxe Luggage.jpg
  7. Your bags are BEAUTIFUL!!
  8. GORGEOUS! I just ordered the Tokyo clutch, but now I'm thinking maybe I should've gone with the Lorca! Modeling pics, please? (I know, I'm demanding... sorry...)
  9. I *almost got the Lorca in pyrite. The picture of the pyrite on the Lorca was gorgeous, but in some pictures of other HH bags in pyrite, it didn't look the same. So I settled on chalk.

    Love all the bags you've all shown, and I WANT PICTURES MODELED TOO. :smile:
  10. Ooooh the luxe is niiiiice! The leather looks good enough to eat.

    Modeling pics would be awesome...:yes: