Hayden Harnett arrived!!

KK said:
Huh? That's all you are saying? Where is the bag?? You are not going to torture us, right? Present it!.....please...
I am trying to get Vlad to delete it because I can't get the photo over - sometimes I get lucky but generally I am a retarded photo poster - So frustrating!!!!! I can e-mail it to you.
oooo i can't wait to see pics! i'm getting ready to order one but i'd really like to know what some of the girls here think about it/see pics before i do.
Here's a better pic

I must add that the bag has a lovely chain you can use if you choose to or it stays inside - the leather is "squishy" soft - It is quite a gem - unlike anything I have. Thanks for your interest and especially to ginaf (who saved the day)!