Hayden harnett...Are they faked?


Jan 6, 2006
There are 2 Hayden Harnett Lorca bags on Ebay right now that look just awful. Besides not looking in the best condition one is a funky style with ornimentation I've never seen, and another in luggage that looks odd. Both do not have the silk inner lining. Had HH made Lorca bags in previous seasons in different styles?
I see the bags you mean, and they do look odd and kind of beat-up -- although in the close-ups, the small details look right. I wouldn't buy from that seller though, something just seems off to me.
They might be from the recent sample sale. some of those bags were showroom samples and/or photoshoot samples... and never mass produced.

I'll have to give a quick look for myself. I've never seen a fake HH before... I have seen some styles of some Maxx New York bags knocking off HH..
Lexie, the Lorca made of tweed on ebay should be a previous style. (But it's really ugly IMO...) I saw it in their last season's catolog. As for the Lorca in luggage, I think it's just beaten up. Apparently the previous owner didn't take good care of that bag...
I have to tell you that I used My Plum Lorca the last 2 days and have gotten just a load of compliments. One of my co-workers made me give her the website so she could get one for herself. She was planning on getting the 700.00 Coach Legacy bag but when she saw the Lorca she was completely sidetracked. I am falling more in love with this bad everyday. I LOVE the feel of the leather and even though it rained here today, a few rain drops dried and left no marks. This really messes up next year as a "3 purse Year". I think I need another HH now too.
Hubby was a little amused at the color. He's considerate though. I saw that my bag was missing and he had put it into the closet because my 3 month old kitten loves the tassle.