Hayden Harnett...any other addicts?

  1. I started out with a Salina and then a Nomade and now I am pursuing a blue Hudson satchel....help! I love these bags so much! :nuts:
    Anyone else have the bug ???
  2. I have an Ana, a Havana hobo, a Salina and a Montauk. Most bags I have by one designer.
  3. Yep, I started with a Mercer satchel, then ended up with three colors of Mercer satchels, a Lorca, a Havana Hobo and and Hudson satchel! And I'm still eyeing some of their new bags. Definitely addictive!
  4. Yes! :yes: 2 Lorcas (olive and saddle), mercer satchel (v. black), salina from Anthro., and a mercer wallet.

    I'm trying *not* to get too many items from the same designer (trying to mix it up a bit), but it's hard when the
    leather is so soft and squishy!

    I'm also a big fan of the Not Rational naked leather bags...equally squishy but a little thicker. Unfortunately, at the list prices, I can only afford these puppies on sale..
  5. i'm so glad to see this thread! my mercer satchel is arriving today (momentarily by UPS!) and i hope i love it as much as you all love your HHs!!!
  6. I just got my first Mercer satchel (in currant) over the weekend and I'm in love! I have even bought new smaller accessories (wallet, makeup bag, etc.) with brass hardware to match it and fit inside. I don't imagine I'm going to be able to live with just one for very long either! :p
  7. So far I am just addicted to looking at all the hh bags online but haven't taken the plunge into buying one yet. I've never seen one IRL.
  8. i own no HH but i've been a visual fan for some time now. they 're definately on the mental hit list for bags to be purchased in the future!
  9. Yes I am a total HH addict! I've never had such brand loyalty before. Let's see, I have:

    mercer satchel in luggage
    mercer clutch in vintage black
    havana in plum
    catalina in chocolate
    nico in currant
    ibiza in olive
    paule marrot wallet in chocolate
    owl and acorn charms

    and i love all of them. I'm contemplating another mercer satchel in chalk, beatrice in chocolate, and a lorca (not sure what color)
  10. Do you actually use them all or mainly use one or two and admire the rest? If you add the ones you've mentioned, you'd have to change bags every day for almost 2 weeks to use them all. This is really a question for everyone with a million bags. I also have a lot of bags but most just sit in their dust bags in my closet. AND I have another bag coming tomorrow! How do you work it?
  11. I'm waiting to get a Havana hobo...I'm pretty excited because of what everyone says about their leather! I hope I don't get disappointed!
  12. i'm still waiting for my nico....

    hopefully it lives up to the hype:smile:
  13. Gosh. Me too. I have a Lorca Demi, a Suki Ladybag, and 4 Mercer clutches! I think I'll be able to stop myself now - until the fall line comes out anyway! The leather and the details on these bags are astounding. That's the problem. (What a problem, huh?)
  14. let's see some pictures ladies.
  15. :hysteric: I would if I could, but I'm in the UK :crybaby: