Hayden-Harnett Anthropologie?

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  1. Hello all! Long-time lurker on this site.

    I happen to be in DC this week for work and saw an Anthropologie at the mall by my hotel (Tyson's Galleria). Was wondering if you fellow HH addicts out there could tell me if they carry their whole line, or just ones that are created exclusively for Anthropolgie. Was hoping to buy a Lorca, anyone ever seen one at this store?

    Also does anyone have any pics wearing the Lorca?

  2. I believe Anthro carries HH bags made for them, but I'm not sure. You might check their web site - they've got a hobo that is a combo between a hobo and the Nico, kinda neat. And - I'm watching an HH bag on e-Bay that was put out through Anthro that "looks like" the Salina pouch but doesn't have the stitching on the outside ...
  3. Is it the pouch they (Anthropologie) had on sale in cranberry a while back? On the Anthro website for some reason they had the photos switched for front and back, so if you ust looked at the purse image it had no stiching, but if you clicked on the "back" view of the bag it showed the side with stitching... odd.
  4. It's this one:


    Doesn't appear there's any decorative stitching at all - you know, the leather 'lace-work'?
  5. I was in the Rockville, MD, Anthro this weekend and the only HH they had were the Paule Marrot fabric coinpurses. I saw no bags at all. I wouldn't count on finding what you want there!
  6. Anthropologie only carries a select few HH bags.
    They carried a few of the Paul Marrot bags... and I think I saw the Nico in yellow there.
    Very very select styles.
  7. This is my nearest Anthro and I've never seen any HH bags there. Actually, they have VERY limited selection of bags in B&M stores. You should better call them before but I'd recommend to visit Tysons Galleriea anyway. Neiman Marcus had tons of bags on sale last week.