Hayden-Harnett Ana dilemna

  1. I have a chocolate Ana I bought to give my mother as a Christmas gift. It's fabulous but I think the style is too cutting edge for her. Is there anywhere I can simply trade for somthing more appropriate? I'm not sure if this post is against the rules so please let me know. I'm just trying to come up with a solution before Christmas comes, very soon. Thanks
  2. The only solution I can think of is to buy her another bag and sell the Ana on eBay.
  3. Why not give it to her and give her the option of getting a different one, and selling the Ana? I have the chocolate Ana by the way, and LOVE it - your mom might too - you never know!
  4. ankorchick, I think you should give it to her. You might be pleasantly surprised. What you think is cutting edge for her, she may think WOW. If you get a hint that she may not love it (and how can she not???) then you can make the offer of finding her something else. I think buying handbags for others is a hard thing to do, but - we all know that Hayden-Harnett makes a mighty fine bag, so - I'd really let her see/have it first, and go from there...
  5. I recently bought my mother a chocolate Ana. She loves it and gets lots of compliments. Give it to her.