Hayden Harnett after Thanksiving sale info

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  1. So was this just a rumor? Does anyone have any news? I know I haven't gotten any emails yet, but would love to hear from anyone that has the inside scoop!
  2. Any word? Anyone called HH yet?? I must make my strategic plan of attack for Friday shopping! ;)
  3. After the Labor Day sale, Ben had said that the fall collection was selling well and that pieces from that collection wouldn't be going on sale until "after the holidays". Now as to which holidays he was referring to, your guess is as good as mine. After Thanksgiving? After Christmas? After New Years? Who knows?

    Anyone have any more information than me?
  4. Shoot! I was REALLY, REALLY hoping for a Thanksgiving sale. Even making a shopping list for my mom and sister-in-law...and myself. :love: I'm going to be so disappointed if it doesn't happen.
  5. Anything, Anybody, No insider info??
  6. On Salina's last comment on my myspace page early October she said that they might be getting ready for the holiday sample sale and just to keep watch cause we never know and then followed by lol in the end! :confused1: I don't even know if that's supposed to be a joke!
  7. Sounds like a sale is not in the works...at least not for this week. :Push::sad:
  8. Oh, here we go again!

    *warms up the credit card*
  9. Not all that impressive. Sad to say - looks like that is it... doesn't it?
  10. I agree...I want to get a tassle for 5.76, but shipping is 9.45!! what is that?! for something that weighs .5 lbs?? really?
  11. Yup. looks like that's it! :yucky:
  12. Not too impressed at all. I used to hear that hayden harnett usually has good sales? I was looking forward to their next sale but am disappointed because all the bags are rather ehhh. Nothing I'd waste money on, even if they discounted it further.