Hayden-Harnett advice needed

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  1. I'd really like to take advantage of the 30% off HH friends and family discount to buy an everyday bag that can be used for work and play. I need to be able to put work things in, if necessary and was trying to decide between the Ana or Beatrice in Saddle. I appreciate your replies because I'm trying to beat the May 25th deadline for this discount and free shipping!
  2. i vote for the Beatrice for the following reasons:

    - it's a limited edition bag with a gorgeous lining that is a Paule Marrot print. the Ana will be around for a while since it's a trademark HH style. i bet you can get as good a deal on it at some other time.

    - beatrice is a LOT more luxe (and pricey) than the Ana and the 30% is a better value i think.

    - the Ana is actually alot smaller than it looks online. The Beatrice is ALOT bigger in comparison to the Ana, but it doesn't have a huge feel/look somehow since the leather is so soft and floppy. i think if i wanted a day to day bag, the Ana might be smaller than i'd ideally want.... but i love big bags!

    - i think the beatrice leather is awesome... similar to the Suki. i haven't seen the Ana in Saddle and it may very well be the same leather... but the Anas i've seen in cobalt and olive are not...

    but how about if you just order both and send one back? i think they have a good return policy (except you'd need to pay return shipping)
  3. I like the Beatrice better myself...especially in that saddle color. I've been looking at the Ana bags as well, but I like the darker colors (black) in that bag.
  4. I like the look of the Beatrice.
  5. I like Beatrice better too. :yes:

    You might also consider the Louvre, which has an optional long strap and also comes in Saddle.
  6. How do you get the HH friends and family discount?
  7. ooh. the louvre is awesome too. good suggestion :smile:
  8. there's a thread in Deals & Steals ... type in FRIENDSNFAM at checkout to get 30% off & free shipping. Only till May 25 though... and it doesn't apply to sale items.
  9. another vote for the beatrice
  10. I saw the Louvre. I was concerned that the top didn't zip closed. I was also wondering-- is that the same smooth leather as the Beatrice. I'm intrigued with the idea of having a crossbody strap.
  11. Ankorchick -
    I have the Ana in chocolate and love the bag for these reasons:
    #1) the leather is so soft and yummy without a "distressed" look that other HH bags have. It has a rich look to it - not a matte finish.
    #2) it isn't a huge bag, which is what I need. The depth is only a couple of inches at most, so if you need to stuff a lot of things in the bag, suggest you get the Beatrice.
    #3) the shoulder straps stay on my shoulders. They are not wide and thus are very comfortable ANd the bag hangs nicely from the shoulder
    #4) pockets and organization. I read from other treads that HH bags were designed with function in mind and yup, they do a great job. There's a pocket on the outside where I hold my keys and then there's the hidden flap that is magnetized and I can slip pieces of paper in here.
    #5) the "look"....it is different looking....I don't want a bag that looks like so many others.
    The only "fault" I find w/the bag is that the opening is not so big, which of course is attributed to the design. IMO, well worth it since I don't carry bulky things.
    Hope this helps and love the suggestion that you get both......and then decide.
    Good luck, let us know what you've picked.
    Once you get an HH bag, you know that they are a great value, well construced, nicely designed and worth it!
  12. Since I'm one of the fortunate few who has a Louvre, an Ana and a Beatrice, I suppose I should contribute here:
    1. I think the leather's the same on all 3 bags. The Louvre has the most uninterrupted leather so you notice the quality the most on it.
    2. The Beatrice is the heaviest, because of all the metal rings.
    3. The Ana has the nicest lining because it's silk, but the opening is small and you can get annoyed by the zipper rubbing against your skin. The print on the others is cute but I'm not as in love with the woven fabric feeling of it.
    4. I think the Beatrice is my favorite of the three these days, I get happy just looking at it.
    5. They do scuff, the darker colors show the scuffs more.
  13. All of your information was so helpful! I've ordered the Beatrice in Saddle, with the (hopefully) matching wallet in saddle. I've ALSO ordered the Ana in chocolate with the (hopefully) matching wallet. Wish me luck!
  14. ^ Congrats! I'm thinking of getting the Beatrice myself, but I'm looking more at the red floral. Post pics when it comes!
  15. And, I went ahead and got the Mercer Triple in Croc blue. Yeah! That's it. I'm done for a looooonnggg time.:wlae: