Hayden-Harnett a keeper!

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  1. OK, so I decided to keep the HH mercer satchel! I wasn't in LOVE with it at first, but upon closer examination, it's a really cute bag and I am so attached to it now! I started out looking at the havana hobo too, but felt that it was too large for a day bag and I was worried about the lumpiness comment some people made. The mercer satchel takes care of that problem since there is more structure to this bag, and the leather is just as soft, and there are more compartments so it's more organized. I recommend! :amuse:
  2. Congrats on the bag! I love that color...I thought about getting it as well, but they were sold out -- so I settled on the black instead. (I'm hoping to receive it any day now)...
  3. Oh, I like it! Pretty!
  4. nice! i like all the details!
  5. Very very cute. Congrats!
  6. I love the color!
  7. Very nice! I read a thread about the Lorca having quality issues. You've had no problems?
  8. Love it!
  9. Wow, nice bag. If I don't hear anything about the Darel bag by next week, may get this one instead. I want a bag with really nice soft leather...does this one qualify?
  10. I think so. They have some really nice colors for ss.
  11. I'm thinking the same thing! ;) It reminds me of the Moni Moni bag that I had to return.

    Sassy, is it possible to get more pics of your bag?

    TIA! :biggrin:
  12. Thanks! :lol: I am totally happy with it.

    tln, this bag doesn't have the clasp that the lorca has so there have not been any quality problems. It has three compartments, the middle one has a zipper and the outer two have hidden magnetic closures (quite clever!). They all work fine.

    Pseub, the bag is super soft! It's washed leather so it feels almost like suede- think Bulga leather but thinner and lighter. The bag is roomy, but very light. And it's got an amazing amount of detailing for a bag <$400.

    Bjara, I'm not sure how to post pictures on this site. I only know how to link pictures from other web sites. Any clue? :sad:
    I also liked the Moni Moni bag but read about all the dye problems-- was it that bad? Did you like the bag otherwise?
  13. Congrats on the great bag! I like the shape & the way in hangs down from the arm.
  14. VERY nice bag!!!
  15. Where did you find for under $400? When I go to the Hayden Harnett site they're listing as $448.