Hayden-Harnett 50% off Anything.

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  1. 1/15 - 1/21: Enter code: PRESIDENT. Includes sale items. I do not know if you can order more than one thing or if there is a maximum for discount.
  2. You can order as many as you want. The prices on the site do not reflect the 50% off until you add in the code. Once you add in the code, if you go back and browse the site, the site will update and take off the additional 50% off.

    Some FABULOUS deals!!!!
  3. Wow! There are some awesome deals! I'm not sure if it was their site or my interweb connection, but I had a slow time at checkout. My spending freeze was temporarily unfrozen so that I could purchase an Indigo Lorca Turnlock, a Pewter Corcovado, and a Red Bowery Mini Clutch:rolleyes: For $250, it was altogether too tempting...
  4. The site is super slow .. but some great deals. Lorcas are $70 or less for many colors.. wallets $45
  5. most sold out now. =(
  6. Since the sale lasts almost a week....maybe they'll add more sale stuff?! One can only hope...
  7. It was fun while it lasted...
  8. does anyone have the jinhee tote? is it nice?
  9. Here's my order...awesome sale!!

    Lorca Turnlock, Indigo Crinkle Patent N/A $335.00 $83.75 1 $83.75
    Clutch Wallet, Ruby N/A $170.00 $42.50 1 $42.50
    Capri Coin Purse, Purple Flower N/A $28.00 $14.00 1 $14.00
    Capri Glasses Case, Marine N/A $28.00 $14.00 1 $14.00
    Bowery Studded Mini Clutch, Ruby N/A $220.00 $44.00 1 $44.00
    Subtotal $198.25
    Shipping and Handling $14.55
    Sales Tax (New York only) $0.00
    Total $212.80

    Total Items: 5
    Price: $781.00 $198.25
    You save $582.75!
  10. Wish I knew about this earlier. Unfortunately, both of the dresses that I wanted are sold out in my size.
  11. I'm sure we will see all the sold out items on ebay soon. What kind of stock was up before the sale was decimated like a hurricane went through it?
  12. Has anyone tried their boots? Are they comfortable?
  13. They usually add to their sales..although this time may be different. I guess we will wait and see.
  14. Thanks for this code. I just ordered a Maldives Weekender in smoke blue!
  15. Thinking of finally springing for that Ibiza tote...