Hayden harnett 30% ana gaza? HELP

  1. Hi is the 30% off for all bags even ana or gaza -cant decide between ana or gaza- GIRLS HELP ME !!! blue ana or light brown gaza?????????????:yahoo:
  2. Wow - two totally different looking bags, IMO. I have a chocolate ANA and just love the bag....cuz it has great pockets (exterior one is great for my keys) and the outside "hidden" pocket is great for pieces of paper, coupons, etc. The leather is soft and yummy - and it fits so nicely on the shoulder since the straps are not thick. It's just a well made and thought out bag. As for styling - it's more of a tailored look. The leather is not distressed at all....so, no tonal changes...I think the Gaza will have this distressed look. The ANA is not a big bag in that it's not deep.....so it won't look huge. If you have further questions, just let me know. Have fun choosing....don't think you could go wrong with an HH bag!:drool:
  3. It's me again...forgot to say that you'll make more of a WOW statement if you got the blue ANA.....I wish I had gotten the plum or olive instead of the chocolate - but hey - I needed a dark brown bag.
  4. Hi!
    i replied to you in the other thread "hayden harnett 30% off..."
  5. Thanks everybody- my friend looked at the pictures and said "WOW" with the ANA! I think the gaza is so practical - oh no still undecided!!!!