Hayden-Harnett 25% Discount

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  1. Hi all,

    Just got a e-mail from Daily Candy with 25% off and free shipping at Hayden-Harnett with code DCHH

    Enjoy! :supacool:
  2. grrrrr...having trouble getting into the site!! I wish they had the Lorca demi in black. I may have to use this code for something else though :smile:

    Thank you!
  3. I couldn't get on the site either, probably overloaded with shoppers!
  4. Be Careful - things that were on sale yesterday ie the tuleries satchel at 312 are now back up at full price so the 25% code isnt that great!!!!
  5. I really hate how HH plays with their pricing. It's not predictable like regular retail where something gets marked down and then there are further discounts as the season goes on and all you have to risk is waiting for markdowns versus items being sold out. And it's not just stores that follow the traditional markdown pattern but also handbag manufacturers like Cole Haan and Mulberry. But with HH, the prices jump around...

  6. I agree. I hate the yo-yo pricing.
  7. Let's hope someone at HH reads this and takes this customer annoyance into consideration!
  8. im a very UNSATISFIED AND PISSED OFF customer in terms of their service i have sent them 8 emails in the past fews to change the color of the bag i ordered not one reply the next i know they had shipped my bag ... lousy service! up until now i havent receive a single email from them
  9. That's not good, can't you phone them?
  10. Thanks!!!
  11. I also hate their yoyo pricing! I don't know what to predict. I have now resorted to other places to get HH bags because I just don't want to get pissed off everytime they switch their prices around.

    kaka - I am surprised that they took such a long time to email back to you - when I emailed them they are quite on the ball - they replied within 15 minutes usually.

    I got the chance to speak to Sam Harnett (Ben Harnett's brother - the Harnett of HaydenHarnett) - he is very good with customers and replies really quickly - maybe you can try emailing him? sam@haydenharnett.com
  12. Well I took advantage of this discount and got my first HH. I purchased the Clutch carryall in Saddle. I am hoping it matches well with my Botkier in Cognac.

    How silly is this though....I am allergic to silk and the lining of the wallet is silk. It only makes my eyes a little itchy so I'm not too worried. LOL....

  13. tenmosquito - thank you so much i will email sam right away , a girl answered my emails she says she works for HH and asked for my cc info to change my order what im confused is her emails comes from gmail.com not from haydenharnett.com so i did not give out my email info
  14. If it's Salina, she does work for them and when I've had questions from her (re out of stock items) she did use a gmail account.
  15. yes its salina , thank you that just made me feel so much better. im going to give her my cc info then