Hayden Harnett $20 Coupon Will They Honor It?

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  1. I'm starting to get the feeling that Hayden Harnett won't be honoring the $20.00 coupon, if it was used after 2/14. I used it during the President's Day Sale and basically got a change purse for free. I did order one other item. When I went to track the status of my order the discount does not show. I did get a confirmation email showing the correct amount that I authorized to be charged to my CC. But, the discount does not actually show on the page. Anybody thinking they might take all those discounts back? I still got a few good deals even if they do.
  2. I, too, don't think they will honor it..when I went to pay, the correct amount (with the discount taken) showed up, but when I received my invoice email confirmation, the total was +$20. I didn't hear from them, but since they aren't expected to ship my coin purse(s) until the 18th, I suspect they haven't even viewed the order vs. payment yet.

    I just sent them an email with my invoice attached saying to ignore my second coin-purse request. I love those little purses but 2 for the sale is a little overkill for me.
  3. Hi audball67, I will report back when I get my order. Please let me know what happens on your end when you get the chance. Thanks for replying.
  4. will do!
  5. i used a coupon from HH, when it wasnt expired yet. i only got charged the discounted amount when i checked my CC, but my email invoice indicated the full price, so im not sure if it is actually because your code is expired, as the same thing happened to me. im confused!
  6. I don't think it would be legal to take full payment when we checked out showing a discount? I mean, we authorized payment on a reduced price, and nothing more (but I'm no lawyer).
  7. ^^ Yeah, I'll be interested to see what happens. I wonder if the order will be cancelled?
  8. I'm not sure, I'm curious as well. They should know by now to check their codes out (and disable the expired ones) before starting up a sale!
  9. I've used pretty old discount codes, and they've always honored them. Hopefully it's just a computer thing.
  10. well, this is interesting...

    So I went to track my package expecting just the single coin purse (since I only paid for one), but it says my original request of two coin purses shipped! So maybe they did honor the code! No additional emails were sent from them requesting additional payment for that second coin purse (I used the $20 off for a second coin purse) and I was only charged for one.

    I guess I'll know for sure when I receive my items, but if I get both yay! for HH! :tup:
  11. Hi audball67, I received my coin purse and sunglass case today. They did honor the $20.00 coupon. I checked my CC statement and I was only charged $19.00. Yea! :wlae:
  12. whoo hoo! :woohoo: Yay for HH!!

    And thanks for the update - post pics when you can!