Hayden Harnett 15% off Sale

  1. Use code "People15". Code expires on Oct. 11!
  2. Gee. Is that the best they could do for us? LOL, ok Im being a little facetious! They have put out some outstanding sales and I VERY much appreciate it, and showed my immense appreciation by buying bag after bag after bag!!!!!

    But I mean come on, really....dont we all already have the rock2007 code? Give us sumpin new, know what im sayin? I was saddened when Luna Boston's big ol 30% promo ended but I brightened up after I remembered that they still do 25%, and I think thats great! LB rocks! If there was an HH code for 25% off, I'd probably buy something................like a Beatrice =)
  3. Thanks for the post purseinsanity. I'm also a little underwhelmed by the 15%, which we could already get. I might also get a Beatrice with a better code.

    FYI the LB lucky code was 25% and the grechen code is 20%.
  4. oh...well, i guess it's not such a great deal after all. i haven't seen anything from them for awhile, and thought 15% was better than nothing!
  5. On no! Dont get me wrong! Thank you very much for posting, I appreciate your effort!

    Im just saying, HH could out like a 20-25% off code, ya know? I have pretty much been buying only from boutiques who are offering codes, like LB, AE, Revolve. :upsidedown:
  6. Is the Luna Boston 25% code "luckybreaks3"
    that doesn't seem to work anymore, unless there's another one?!
  7. I'm not sure what the 25% code is for LB, but "grechen" will get you 20% off.
  8. I just used the luckybreaks code 2/3 days ago and it worked!
  9. Good for you! It no longer works though :sad:
    Well, grechen still works, so it's not too bad ;)
  10. I've bought my last 2 HH bags from AE and LB. Given how much HH has undercut it's retailers on price recently, it might not be a bad idea (in terms of maintain or expanding sales among retailers) for the company to lay low for awhile and let it's retailers get some sales. Of course I'd love a 25 or 30% off code from HH...