Hayden Harnet Nico XX bag

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  1. Hi Everyone!

    This is my first time posting here, although I've enjoyed and drooled over all your collections for about a month now. You all have me hooked on several brands now! :P

    Anyway, I'm wanting to get my first Hayden Harnett bag and I'm thinking of the Nico XX Hobo. I'm just wondering, though, what people think of the 2-way zipper? Is it a tough bag to get in to?

    Thanks so much for your help!
  2. I'm 5' 3" and the Nico feels fine on me. I don't have problems with the two-way zipper.
  3. Well, I'm slightly prejudiced for HH bags:yahoo:, and I'm sure you'd be happy with the Nico, but - it's a HUGE bag, so make sure that's what you're looking for. From what others have written, it's made to drape against your body and not 'appear' as big as it truly is, so you'll probably be very very happy with the soft leather and unequaled style that is Hayden-Harnett. I am an Inka addict (three in different colors - plum, olive, and saddle) and am waiting on a poppy red Mercer satchel from a fellow tPF'er (she had it on eBay and I snatched that baby right up!). :wlae: Let us know what you decide and make sure to post a pic when you get it!
  4. Thanks so much, everyone! I actually ran to a boutique on my lunch break and got to see one of these IRL. I had no idea this shoe boutique carried HH! Anyway, I love this bag! The leather was incredible! Now, off to contemplate color choices! :party:

  5. YAY! i am so in love with my Nico in Currant. i'm actually thinking of scooping it up in another color. i know you probably know this now that you've seen it IRL, but the 2 way zipper works really smoothly and easily for me.

    my only complaint about the Nico is that the 4 pockets close by a magnet, but the magnet isn't powerful enough to actually keep them closed if i've got my cell phone and keys in one of them... it doesn't really detract from the look of the bag, it just annoys me a bit.

    if you hang around us any longer you're going to pick up another 5 bags by the end of next week :graucho: that's my story anyway!!!
  6. :yes: I probably will! ;)

    I was thinking of the currant color...can you describe it? Is it more pink or purple? What outfits does it match? I really dig that color, but I'm afraid I won't wear it because it won't go with anything.

  7. Hi, and welcome!! I have the NicoXX in luggage. It really doesn't look HUGE in that colour (of course that is me saying that while wearing it, what other people think I have no idea :smile: and so far no marks or dirt. The leather is gorgeous and it holds alot without making the bag look wierd. The HH site has a great picture from a magazine with a model in denim wearing the luggage(it looks good with denim :rolleyes:). The black and amethyst are great IRL too. Post pics with whichever you get!

  8. The color is really hard to describe and it looks completely different depending on what kind of light its in! The HH site sometimes makes it look brownish, but IRL it's not. I guess i'd describe it as a dark mauve?

    here are photos of mine:

    i actually find these ebay pics to be more true to the actual color than the others i've seen on the HH and lunaboston.com sites.

    It's funny you mentioned the matching thing, b/c i haven't stopped wearing it since I got it a week ago. i find this thing matches almost everything (though my friends may be too nice to tell me otherwise :shrugs:). however, i don't really wear pinks or reds or maroons, and i bet this might not work with those.... In any event, like the HH amethyst color i've seen IRL, i think the currant manages to pose as a neutral! it adds something unexpected to my outfits (i find it looks awesome with yellow and green and navy) but not too distracting or bright or 'out there.' i like the poppy red color on it's own much more, but in terms of being an everyday walk-about bag, the currant is much more versatile for the colors i wear. i'm thinking of getting another in luggage or iznik yellow - i've tried on the yellow in Anthropologie and it also manages to be a magical neutral color that HH seems to really have mastered!!

    also, fyi this is my first non-brown or black colored bag! (just so you know i'm not normally missus rainbow ;))
  9. i have a red nico xx that i love. i bought it from the online sample sale last month. I've been using it pretty much on a daily basis. since i'm usually in neutrals, it provides a nice contrast.

  10. i saw you in your red nico in the "what bag are you wearing today" thread. HOTTTTTTTT.
  11. Thanks so much! This really helps. I wear a lot of browns, white, and black, so currant may actually be a good match! :yahoo:Although, I'm still leaning towards the black because it looks so hot and sexy! :P

    ETA - one more question...do you think currant is a good spring/summer AND fall/winter bag? I like my bags to be seasonless, especially because I live in California and we don't have seasons anyway.

  12. i actually think it's really seasonless - if i had to pick it's best seasonal match, i might even say fall. that aspect of a bag is really important to me as well - i am a grad student (read: no job, v v little money) and like all my purchases to have maximal wear potential.

    but... having said that... check out this ebay auction for a black Nico. looks like it may go for a better price than the HH website with 30% off and it's in new-ish condition... call me the temptress :rolleyes:

  13. M- I agree with jandelvis; if I had to pick a "season" for the currant (which is the same as the Cranberry Salina from Anthropologie) it would be autumn for me as well.

    I think it works well with denim especially, and that's what I pretty much wear year-round these days! But it's nice that it's not an "average" color you see often. But even if you get the black, I think the shape and style of the bag is unique in itself.
  14. Got in on my watch list, temptress. :P
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