Hawaii's "Unreal" Deals

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  1. So I was browsing through the Island Weekly today and in the classifieds I found a toki bag for sale!

    It says:
    "TOKIDOKI LESPORTSAC PURSE, tote, green, great cond! $150/obo"

    I saw "green" and my brain went :nuts: haha

    I wonder if its a foresta MM or BV.. If all this is really true should I give them a call? Maybe just to check? LOL

    Yeah.. just a random thread.
  2. yeah i think you should check it out :graucho: might be the one youre looking for :biggrin:
  3. LOL I hope! :graucho:

    Oh and I just read your wishlist.. I think JapanLA still has the fantismo necklace and yellow pepper earrings (I bought the red ones from them!) Give them a call :smile:
  4. wow people are selling their tokis in the classifieds now? that's pretty cool .. more places to find tokis is always a good thing!
  5. Let us know what it is :graucho:

    Haha..thats been on my wishlist forever :lol: how do you like your earrings? i just dont have money to buy them right now maybe later on ...I gotta spend it for my secret sis:roflmfao:...hmm maybe i should have mentioned it on my wishlist which i didnt..:Push:
  6. LOL Dana...the Island Weekly had a toki for sale? hahah ok I'm done laughing...well even Craigslist has..so I wouldn't put it past someone to put it in the newspaper haha.

    FORESTA. I can't wait to buy mine.
  7. dana, just call to see what it is!!
  8. Thats cool, give them a call, you never know! But then again, it could be anything. Maybe ask them so send you pics-last thing you need is to go all that way to meet them up and realize its some other bag.
  9. call them! who knows what it could be? :smile:
  10. did you call yet?! :biggrin:!!!
  11. let us know!!!
  12. hope it aint a fake :lol:
  13. I havent called yet.. been a bit busy with work :lol:

    Oh! The chilli pepper earrings I bought for my cousins upcoming birthday.. she says shes not "into" buying tokis anymore.. but she still loves tokidoki. And her favorite character is the chilli pepper.. :biggrin:
  14. call! call! call! we wanna know what it is :graucho:

    oh how sweet of you...yeah i wished there was a black or blue pepper earrings but they dont ..so that leaves yellow haha..cuz i dont like color red (kinda contradicting myself cuz i got plenty infernos :Push:smile:
  15. aww well I hope your cousin will still love the earrings you got her! So she means that she won't buy any more toki but if someone else buys it for her then it's cool? lol hmm I'm sure someday I'm gonna feel that way too :yes: