Hawaiian Theme Party

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  1. I'm going to this Hawaii -themed party on next Wednesday, and I started the clothing obsessing early :amuse:

    I have absolutely no idea what to wear :wondering I thought a lei would be nice...other than that clueless... I even tried to google but grass skirt isn't really an option when it's 0 degrees celsius out there. The party is inside though, even Finns aren't that crazy :lol:

    Any ideas? What would you wear to a Hawaiian theme party?
  2. The party sounds fun!
    How about if you wear a Hawaiian-print dress? Or a flowery-shirt with capris??
  3. How about the grass skirt with black leggings underneath? I would wear a cool tank with it...and a few leis (sp?)
  4. Aloha! Knowing you won't have access to stuff so readily available here, maybe one of these could work:

    - Aloha shirt you can tie at the waist
    - Even a strip of fabric you can tie creatively like a sarong. See this website:
    - Sunglasses
    - Slippers/flip flops
    - Even you can't find a lei, a small silk flower behind one ear always looks nice. Also, in Hawaii, local lore goes that a flower behind your left ear means taken, and a flower behind the right indicates available :lol:

    Sounds fun! Finland is very far from Hawaii!!
  5. Skirt and shirt and big bag and big sunglasses.
  6. agreed, and OMFG bleh to Hilo Hattie, the stuff in there is hideous but oh so stereotypically hawaii!:lol:
  7. Oh, thank you so very much ladies! :love: yall

    I'm excited, it's such fun to have a Hawaii party when it's freezing cold :lol: It makes me feel like the summer is getting closer.

    I got tons of ideas from you. And everyday you learn something new - now I can tie different kind of pareau styles :smile: I have to raid my closet tomorrow and see what suitable I find!

    I'll let you know! And keep 'em coming ;)
  8. If you have a Roxy/Quiksilver nearby, it might be worth checking that out (as well as similar surf themed brands) for cute tshirts, or a skirt.
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