Hawaii vs Mainland prices??

  1. I heard Hawaii prices for toki are higher so thought I'd start a thread to see how much higher. So can any of you Hawaii girls list your prices for us??
  2. Well, the bella's mainland price of $130 and it's $168 here in Hawaii... The denaro is hiked up from $68 to $89, I think. I think the items that are $160 are about $189? I can try ("try" because I'm soooo lazy on weekends) to go to Ala Moana this weekend to find out everything else.

    spacytracy: What was the LV item you wanted me to find the price on again??
  3. the speedy 25 and wow those are high prices!!
  4. Yeah, I know!! I think the caramella and/or portatelefono is $102 here?

    I'll be going to Ala Moana in about 1 1/2 - 2 hours, since they're open until 10 pm on Fri/Sat now.
  5. Yes the porta is $102 and the gioco is $204. LOL.
  6. And the MM is $157.. which is around the price of the BV for the mainland!! :sad:
  7. crap! i didn't know ala's open to 10 pm on fri/sat now!!! :nuts: lol.
  8. YUP!!! :wlae: It's AWESOME for us, crappy for the people who work there. If there's something you want me to look for when I go in about half an hour or so, let me know!
  9. Yeah, awesome for you folks who live close to town lol...bad for jess who lives on the leeward side lol. It's all good though...no $$ to go to the mall :sad: hahahha. I like going to Ala Moana, I walk up and down like 5 times haha, I'm such a mall whore. I swear. When I go, I really go. I love to go by myself and just keep moving. I hate those kiosk things in the middle...a lady tried to sell me a $200 flat iron...come the eff on lol...then she said $150...special price for me..psh, yeah right.
  10. LOL when I first found out I was going nuts! :yahoo:

    Thanks Maya for asking.. just went there last night though :smile:

    (I'm a mall rat! haha)
  11. LOL Jessaka.. $200 are you serious?!

    They always try to make you try stuff on or buy stuff.. I dont like that. I always walk near the store entrances.. AWAY from the kiosks! hahahaha

    Awww I wanna go now.. I love to aimless walk around window shopping :biggrin:

    I have a sore throat though.. dont wanna go out :sad:
  12. Ha well you can include Guam in with Hawaii...though some of the things in Hawaii are quite more than here...

    let see if I remeber what I posted before..

    MM, Bambione:157

    Thats all i remember now...
  13. oh yeah...i think the gioco is $204 with tax...so that guam price sounds about right for Hawaii as well.

    YES DANA, $200, that's CRAZY, right? And, she tried to make me feel BAD about my hair! I think I have freakin awesome hair!!! Just so happens that day I half-assed on straightening my hair and it was a lil frizzy...she was like...well, you know, you think that is straight? I'm sorry to tell you this...but your hair is frizzy. I looked at her like bizzzatch, you just lost a customer. I hate when salespeople make you feel BAD so you buy a product. I never buy it from people who make me feel ugly and unperfect. That's why I never go into beauty stores hahaha...i dont wear make up and I plan on keeping it that way.
  14. WTF?! With those prices and that type of customer service, I think only tourists would buy it.. if any at all!!

    Its like she's saying "What you have now sucks, so buy this and it'll make it better" or something. Argh I hate that.

    Yeah, I dont go into makeup places either.. they just tell you how to FIX whatever is wrong.

    I like Origins though :smile: They're nice and their stuff is natural and simple. Hehe
  15. I am sorry, but that salesperson did not need to even tell me that because she was ugly -- that's mean, but she was mean to me so she deserves it. Ya know? I feel bad for saying that, but she kinda upsetted me that day. That thing did make my hair straighter, but once I put it up, it didn't stay straight so it didn't matter. ha. It's so funny...because I told her I didn't have money and needed money for my rent...then I went down to lesportsac and bought me my GIOCO, hahaahaahha.