Hawaii Trip= new LV

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  1. In two months I will be visiting the beautiful Maui. Since I will be in Hawaii and have read that LVs are just a little cheaper I might as well wait the two months to buy my new piece there. Now the question is which bag to get I am looking at the Soffi, Speedy 30 DE, or the Totally MM Azur.

    Forgot to mention the bags I have in my collection are:
    Speedy 30 mono
    Speedy 30 Azur
    Delightful MM
    Rivington GM
    Neverfull MM DE
    Eva Clutch DE
    Cabas Mezzo

    I know I already have two speedies but want the DE to finish my speedy collection and I love the speedy so I don't mind to have one more ;)
  2. I have a Speedy in DE and love it! I vote another speedy!
  3. Thanks for your vote lol love your pic by the way. Too Cute!!
  4. my vote is for Totally MM Azur perfect tote with zipped top cant beat that
  5. How about something empreinte? You'll save big if you buy it here. I think LV prices are 8% in cost less here if I'm not mistaken.
  6. I totally want the speedy 25 in empreinte but want it in the new black color which isn't available so once it is I'm grabbing it in that color ;). Well at least I hope it become available in black :pout:
  7. I know right that's one of the main reasons I want it, because it's beautiful and it has a zipper. Oh man is is a hard decision lol. Thanks for your vote :smile:
  8. +1!
  9. Totally agree :smile:
  10. Totally Mm in azur!
  11. I have the black size 30 and love it to pieces!
  12. Speedy 30 DE!! I love triplets!!!
  13. Speedy B DE or Speedy Empt. Or Lumi.
  14. Maui is my island :smile: they have the best staff at the Maui LV boutique.
  15. +1. Don't know what the % savings is, but if there's a savings and you can, splurge for the more expensive bag to save. I did that in Paris.