Hawaii tPF friends........PLEASE HELP!

  1. ok Mods, I put this here cuz this seems to be the only place where there is alot of members from Hawaii who hang out here, so please don't move this....thanks!

    Ok my Hawaiian friends, I need some help please. I was going to get a tattoo of a butterfly on my wrist but have been thinking long and hard about that and changed my mind. I was born in Hawaii, specifically Honolulu and would love to get a tattoo that represents the island. I was thinking of getting a hibiscus flower but then I read somewhere that the ilima flower respresents the island of Oahu. So I was wondering if they are around, can someone send me pics of an actual hibiscus and ilima flowers?? That way I have something to show the tattoo artist. Or if you have any other ideas in mind to represent Hawaii, please PM me.

  2. uhhh anyone??? :smile:
  3. I'm not from Hawaii, but have you tried Google Images?
  4. hi spaceytracey - i'm from hawaii. :smile: sorry i couldn't respond sooner. i was at work. :yucky:

    you're correct. ilima is the flower for oahu. i think you could find a picture of it on the web. i don't have any ilima flower plants near my house so can't give you one. i'll try to think of something to represent hawaii but since i'm currently ink-less, don't have any good ideas right now. maybe when i go for my toki tat, i'll see something you might like. ;)

    unfortunately it's going to be a while before then but i'm sure the other girls will be able to help you! :yes:
  5. Sorry, I haven't seen any Ilima either...hey...the middle school here is called Ilima HAHAHAH. OK anyway, if I see a hibiscus, I'll take a pic of it :biggrin: Hmm. Ideas...no Hawaiian islands for you? I swear everyone has the hawaiian islands tattooed on them haha...that or their gf/bf names lol. Um, what about a turtle (honu)? Bird of Paradise? A girl dancing hula? idk...just bouncing ideas...
  6. i see alot of the islands tattooed, or you can go with the tribal triangles... haha

    I think I have a pic of me and a friend with hibiscus in our hair.... gotta check though..
  7. I tried that but didn't really see any good ones so thought I'd ask the girls here! And I'm not really into the islands, the turtle might be ok but I'm more of a flower girl.
  8. I don't even know what the ilima looks like! *lol* But if I ever see one or hibiscus around, I'll take a photo. I'll also ask my bf about suggestions because he's going to be a tattoo artist and he has a very good eye and imagination for coming up with tattoo work.
  9. btw, i forgot to mention that the yellow hibiscus is the state flower for hawaii so you might want to consider that if you get a hibiscus. :smile: i don't have any yellow hibiscus plants here but i'll try to take pics of some white ones tomorrow.
  10. yeah I always knew it was a hibiscus but I looked online and saw that since 1988 it's been a YELLOW one. :yes:
    I think if I color it, it'll be yellow, orange and red starting with the yellow on the inside and fading out to red on the outside.
  11. oooohhh that sounds pretty!
  12. I might go walking tomorrow morning, if I do, I'll take my camera :biggrin: Plumerias are really nice too...
  13. any of the hawaiian flowers would make really pretty tattoos! i'm not from here & don't know much about the state flowers, but you can't go wrong w/any of them...