Hawaii Tokidoki Meet-Up Thread

  1. Hi Everyone!

    Just wanted to share our Tokidoki Meet-Up photos & adventure with you all!

    So today was our second Tokidoki Hawaii Meet-Up :biggrin: We went to Ala Moana Lesportsac to meet-up & check out Famiglia since Tutti is still not out here.

    Hawaii Lesportsac
    Dez, Jess, Dana, Heather, Robyn & her son...

    After Lesportsac we hit up Animation Addict, a store that sells alot of Toki & Harajuku Lovers stuff..then to Genki Sushi to eat lunch.

    When we were stuffed we left to go to Chic Icon, Split Obsession and Bubbies for some ice cream and a photo op ^__^ Robyn was a little tired and worn out so she went home...then we met up with Kara @ Chic Icon.

    Bubbies Ice Cream Shop (we ate it all before the picture)
    L to R: Heather (h_taka), Kara (Twingirls), Dana (Miss: Dana), Jessaka (JessakaMitz), Dez (Buttrpecan1).

    All of our bags on the table :wlae:

    Kara's twin girls playing with random things lolz...

    After that Dez and I went to the Lesportsac Outlet to check out what they had left. To the best of my knowledge they had OP Bella Bella, Original Black Dolce, OP Lunas, Bianco bocce, Bianco Diaper bags (Cucciolo?), Bianco Portatelefono, AS Bella, AS Dolce...that's all I remember seeing.

    That was our tokidoki day :tup: I hope we can have another one girls. And, whoever lives in Hawaii and loves toki, you're welcome to join..just PM us later so we know to keep you in mind next time :yes:

    Sorry to those who could not make it this time, Maya, Elaine & Aurene (I think that's it).

  2. So what did you guys think about Famiglia??
  3. Looked like poo-poo HAHHAHA, but that is my own personal opinion. I really do not like that background color. I think we kinda all agreed on that lol..but maybe someone liked it? LOL.
  4. Famiglia was ehhh... i am 90% sure that i won't get this print unless it's on sale!
  5. *sighs longingly* lovely angiolettos...

    looks like you all had fun :biggrin: I wish we could have an Arizona tokidoki meetup, but it would probably be all of 2...maybe 3 people :wondering
  6. Looks like you guys had fun. Sorry I missed it. I'll def. try to make the next meet up!
  7. Glad you guys had fun! Sorry I missed it. Oh, I stopped by Waikele early in the morning and they had a Paradiso Bella out. Maybe someone bought it before you got there.

    Love the pix of all those Tokidoki bags!
  8. ooh looked like you guys had fun!
  9. oh we gotta have a meet up when I get out there next month!!
  10. Looks like it was a lot of fun!:yes: Nice collection of bags!:drool:
  11. Yah it looked like lots of fun :biggrin: Nice group shots and also nice group shot of the bags! Was it planned for everyone to bring a porta or angioletto with them?
  12. toki - aw you think it would only be a few? I'm sure there would be at least 5 eh? lolz.

    heather - same here girl...not unless it's a great sale.

    mellietastic - yesss you should come next time :biggrin: Probably be in a month or so when Tutti comes out.

    Rileygirl -- yess hopefully next time you can come! It's all right though..babies first! & yeahh i dont remember seeing paradiso but i could be wrong..

    happy toki - yess we had fun :biggrin: you should come next time...maybe we'll make it a lil later if you can't wake up.

    Spacytracy - when exactly are you going to be here and available for a meet? PM me and we'll see if we can work it out..I know at least Dez, Dana & Me will be up for it...we love hanging out.

    angelicruin - ^__^

    Jeanne - nahh we didnt plan to bring the ang's & portas...lol...it was just stuff we had inside our bags lolz. We did plan to wear different prints though :biggrin:

  13. Cute pics - sounds like this was a fun time!
  14. *LOL* my twins look so out of it. :lol: Hee hee. Oh well, they were pretty good sports. Glad mommy got the chance to meet toki friends. Yeah, it was fun. :tup::yahoo: Too bad I won't be here for Tutti anymore! I'll let you girls know what I find in the N. Va, D.C. area. ;)
  15. i'd b there!!!!! and my friend too she likes them
    so yeah theres 3:nuts: