Hawaii Toki lovers...HELP!!!

  1. I've just spent my morning calling almost every boutique and department store in Baton Rouge and New Orleans...and no one sells tokidoki except Macy's (not much to chose from). I'm going to Maui in August for a few weeks and was hoping y'all could help me out by telling me what stores carry and have good selections of toki's. Thanks a lot!!
  2. I have never been to maui..but from what I heard, they don't have toki..unless you check the airport, but I doubt it.

    Are you going to be on Oahu? If you are, then I can help. LMK.
  3. Nah, I'll only be on Maui. I suppose the interweb is my only option for now.:crybaby:
  4. Aww that sucks..yeahhh I don't think they have stores with toki...none of us gals here are from Maui. Sorry.
  5. Maui used to have a LeSportsac boutique but not anymore. So if Maui is like O'ahu where you can't get tokidoki anyplace else other than LeSportsac or DFS, you'll be out of luck.
  6. dont worry girls I feel you too :biggrin: ...the only place that has tokis in my area is just DFS and Lesportsac store :p