Hawaii Quarantine Regulations

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  1. Hopefully I'm in the right forum, but I currently live on the mainland and am planning on getting a dog, but also plan on moving to Hawaii in a year or two. I've heard horror stories about the quarantine regulations for bringing an animal into the state of hawaii.

    Has anyone gone through the process? If it's too much of a hassle I may just wait and get a puppy when I move the hawaiian islands.

    TIA! :idea:
  2. I am not sure about the hawaiin islands but to bring a dog to the United Kingdom is pretty hard, they had a website called DEFRA that broke it down. Maybe if you try a search on the internet for the quarantine rules and regulations it would help you out. If it is anything like the uk then you need to prep for the move atleast 6 months in advance. Good luck!!
  3. From what I understand it's been changed a little in the past couple of years......I think there is something you can do to "pre qualify" in advance which limits quarantine to 24 hours or less. Personally I don't know if I could put my baby in quarantine for a minute but the last more recent thing I read about this seemed to give hope that this pre qualification may possibly even eliminate quarantine. I would look into it, you could find a lot of info. online and then make some phone calls. I've googled Hawaii quarantine rules or something of the like to find a lot of information and who to call, good luck.
  4. Thank you ladies! I'll get online and do some research.
  5. Here ya go...


    The key to all of this is planning ahead. Good that you are giving yourself plenty of time, there are restrictions on the timing of shots, etc. The quarantine facility is very nice, usually the animals do fine. The one on the big island is awesome with great people. I would not do 120 days, but 5 is fine for most animals....

    also, a nice place to visit is KONAWEB - Online Resource for the Big Island & Kona, Hawaii, even if you are not moving to the big island, it has information about shipping and moving in general.

    good luck and aloha!