hawaii qee.

  1. Yay!! I just went on Qeester and they had the Hawaii qee available!! Apparently I got the last two they had in stock!! And I also got the Doggie #838 qee!! :yahoo: Now I just need a few more that are "coming soon"...
  2. Congrats Maya!
  3. Thanks! I don't even know why I bought two of the Hawaii ones! *lol* I think it's just because they were sold out of them for so long (or at least it seems like so long because I'd check the site almost every day) so when I saw that I could buy two I jumped at it. Haha. I'm a nut.
  4. Aww, I went back and it says "coming soon" Its okay, you can always hang onto it as a gift for a buddy! I have a stash of stuff I have lying in my closet so if I ever need a last min gift--tada! Im ready! Maybe u can give it to ur buddy thats here in the states to remind her of back home!
  5. Haha. I have that too! I have boxes of stuff in my closet... not really as last minute gifts or anything, but I just buy throughout the year to compile bigger gifts later. Hehe. I don't think any of my friends would be interested in a qee, though.
  6. R U Fing kidding me??? I have been on that stupid site all day and I didn't see it available! OMG I am so mad..........happy for you Maya but pissed that I didn't get one. I have been checking that site since FOREVER trying to get one!! I was born in Hawaii and I have been DYING to get that!
  7. aww I wanted to snag an extra since my head is funky :sad: ah wellz... must wait until the next batch then :push:
  8. Are you serious...?? Wow, that was random timing then!! I bought it around 6:00 pm my time... What did they do? Restock in the middle of the night on the mainland?
  9. he restocks whenever... there's no real set time IMO lol it kind of sucks :lol:
  10. Haha. I can just imagine... "Man, I can't sleep. I know. I'll restock my qees." Hehe.

    I still really want the Daydreamer, Bear Whale, and Pepo!!!

    Two down, three to go!!
  11. man i want a hawaii qee too! oh well i guess i have to wait again..lol congrats maya!!
  12. Thanks! I consider myself fortunate that I just so happened to check the site at the time I did!! Too bad the price went up from $12 (when I first started checking for it) to $15!!

    But I wanted it for my Spiaggia zucca!! Hehe.
  13. CONGRATS MAYA!! You're lucky to be on at the right time! That's very random.. at 6pm our time.. haha "Man, I cant sleep. I know. I'll restock my qees." :lol: random.

    I hope the rest of us can get lucky like you! :nuts:
  14. I know what you mean it is FRUSTRATING! :cursing: I check that site daily to see if it is available. He must have restocked that qee late last night. I live in the midwest and Maya's post showed just after midnight where I live.
  15. Maya I LOVE the bear whale qee! So freaking cute!!