hawaii qee.....is it available yet??

  1. Ok so I desperately want the Hawaii qee after seeing how cute it was. Anyone know if it's available yet?? And does anyone know if it's a keychain or just a toy cuz I want it to be a keychain so I can put it on my Spiaggia bag.
  2. I want to know the answer to this question too!!

    The Hawaii qee is on my wishlist :love:
  3. Its a regular qee keychain like the tokidoki one. You have to carefully pop the head off to put on the keychain attachment that it comes with though.

    I was lucky and managed to snag one when they were available once, I guess you just have to keep checking the website...
  4. mine had it's head pop off the wrong way :sad: I need to get another one lol
  5. What does it look like?
  6. the website says "coming soon" looked around for you on some toy sites closest I found was united states qee blind boxes...

    woooohoooo at 500!!!
  7. tvstar, go look on qeester.com

    And...the price for it went up...I don't think I need it lol.
  8. ^thanks:smile:
  9. The price went up?! Awww :cry: That makes me sad..
  10. Well, it went up $3...$12 to $15...without shipping -- to me, if it's something - anything that's just gonna sit onmy bag, I am not buying anything more than $10 shipped haha. A qee doesnt do anythinb but sit there lol.
  11. Geez... I finally took the head off today to put the keychain attachment on... I can see why yours broke tehlilone, it was sooo difficult! It took forever to work it off, it was on so tight and I kept thinking it was going to break...
  12. Jess - I know how you feel. I wanted this qee cuz well, they finally include Hawaii with the "US" LOL Geez, some people still dont know that we're a part of the United States.. its like we're are own separate country or something. If the price goes any higher, I doubt I'd get it :cry:

    Snapcat & Tehlilone - I heard something like.. submerging the qee in warm/hot (not boiling) water so that the area around the neck loosens up, then it'll be easier to take off. That, or use a blow drying around the neck area.. same idea. Sorry to hear that tehlilone's didnt come off right :sad:
  13. Good luck getting it Dana ^__^ If I see it up, I'll let ya know lol. People dont know we're a part of the US still? Umm ok, that's odd since it's been a LONG TIME already. bleh.

    Btw, why wont le lotus bleu let you buy an uchiwa? They're not selling them?
  14. Thanks Jess! Umm yeah.. some people really dont know.. and I find that sooo weird! During my senior year a bunch of us went to CA for a competition and the announcer there was saying stuff like "We are so happy to have people coming here from all over the world. Each year, there are more and more people participating in our program. We have people from all over the United States, Japan, (some other countries that I forgot), and even people from HAWAII!!" :dots: Ohhhh well. That's the US for ya LOL

    Oh, I *literally* stopped in my tracks when I walked past Le Lotus Bleu in Alas. On one of their wall/shelf things they had a VASE full of the uchiwas!! I think they're the new ones too because I've never seen them before. I asked one of the SAs there and they said they werent selling them :cursing: They had at least 10 uchiwas in that vase! *sigh* Oh well.. it wasnt meant to be..?
  15. Has anyone found the Hawaii qee anywhere other than qeester? I really want one but they're never available when I check.