Hawaii Meetup

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  1. Aloooooooooooooha to all the Hawaii tPF'ers..

    Just wondering if you guys wanted to meet up one weekend for lunch or something? It'd be kinda cool to place some faces with these names! :smile:

    Let me know if anyone would be interested.. I know some of the LV Forum tPF'ers have already done a meetup.. We can too!!
  2. I'm not in hawaii but can I be tele-conferenced in? lol jk

    have fun!! :smile:
  3. Haha, thats funny tokiangel! Ill be tele-conferencing with you! hahah
  4. It sounds good to me :biggrin: Totally count me in! IDK about any suggestions for where though haha, OMG maybe the foodcourt in ala moana and we can all go to Lesportsac at the samet ime and freak everyone out!! HAHHAHAHA.
  5. O:huh:H!! Guests!! YAY!! I'm happy.. We could DEF. meetup at Ala Moana... I don't know if I'd buy anything from there though... It's just too expensive...
  6. I can do it next year!! The FAM and I are thinking of taking my sis's timeshare for next year......prob round June-Aug sometime. I think we are gonna go to the Big Island though.........OMG I can't wait!!
  7. No, not buy anything..just be like a group of toki crazed girls walking around lmfao.
  8. Welll Jess, if you guys do walk around, feel free to text us non islanders pics of the bags that they have there so we can drool and call and order some!
  9. lolz janice, idk if you guys wanna buy from hawaii with our inflated prices but ok lolz.

    Where are all the hawaii people? LOL.
  10. Sometime in the summer would be fine for me... I'd just have to find a span of time that isn't hectic for me with preparing for the upcoming weeks, etc.

    And yeah, no buying at Ala Moana since the prices are inflated!
  11. The only thing I've bought from Ala Moana is clothes from AE and bags from Lesportsac (had to...i know I shouldn't have -- but that was pre-tpf) lolz.

    Summer sounds good to me as well...just gotta know ahead of time and weekends would probably be best :biggrin:
  12. I wanna come!! But I am only here until June 1st so if its past that I cant make it!! :sad:
  13. YAY!! A meet would be awesome!! :biggrin:

    Preferably during the weekend.. on a day we dont work.. haha I have summer stinkin school on the weekdays.. and then probably work.. If I find a job.

    spacytracy - The Big Island isnt that bad.. plane tickets to neighbor islands are getting really cheap :graucho:

    No buying at alas! Just browsing/meeting up!
  14. yeah watch all of us say we're not going to buy anything and we end up buying stuff :P
  15. haha stuff on SALE hopefully.. if we actually buy something.

    maybe we can pick a place to go after we meet up? idk :shrugs: