Hawaii LV -- will they ship?

  1. I read on here that LV prices in Hawaii are lower than mainland US.

    Is this true? If so, will they ship to mainland?

    Why is Hawaii LV different than mainland? i.e. price increase already in effect there, hearts already released there, etc.
  2. Nope, they won't, just for reasons like that (because everyone would be trying to get the somewhat lower price).
    Not sure why not though, someone else might.
  3. They are indeed lower (i.e. a Keepall 50 is $820 vs. $875 mainland) but they will only ship to you if you've actually made a purchase in-person at a Hawaiian boutique. Shipping ranges from $20-$60 depending on the item and is free on purchases over $2k

    It's a different system because the majority of their business comes from Asian tourists rather than native US citizens.
  4. Figures, I was there 12/2006. Didn't even think to visit LV!! If only I'd have known:cursing:
  5. yep, couldn't have said it better myself. :smile:
  6. oops forgot one more thing- because LV Hawaii technically doesn't have a retail presence on the mainland, orders shipped from Hawaii are tax free.
  7. *sighing..* i was there Sept 2007.. if i had known about this earlier...... i would have gotten the sophie.. and could have something shipped to me from hawaii now..................
  8. Maybe if U know someone from hawaii on this list.. they can order it for you... at the store and have it sent.
    That way that could have the pleasure of making a purchase... and you could have the cheaper price. That is as long as they actually sent it to you!
  9. omg! My bff lives in hawaii.. I'm gonna see what she can do.. hah..
  10. i was in hawaii on my honeymoon and bought (and returned) and LV bag while i was there. i was told the same thing - now that i'm in their system, i'm allowed to call and order a bag. their prices are maybe $50-100 dollars off their classic bags, if i remember correctly.
  11. Also to add, Hawaii is not part of LV North America. They are part of the region which includes Japan, another reason why they have different policies.
  12. I'm planning a trip to Hawaii sometime this year... I'm sure I'll get something over there!!!

    I need to make some lower priced, tax-free LV purchases! :wlae:
  13. Hey guys, our days of the great Hawaii savings are now officially over-I had posted a few days ago that my SA in Hawaii told me that they had a 4% price increase in Dec '07. The shipping limits have also been increased too!!!!!!!! Now to get free shipping you have to spend $3k (instead of $2k) and basic bag shipping is now $30. (instead of $20) The bag prices are now very similar to Eluxury and the boutiques. The only real savings you will get now is on the sales tax if you have it shipped to you. For example, Batinolles Horizontal in Hawaii is now $725 and $740 on Eluxury....Small Denim Cabby is now $1,470 in Hawaii and $1,500 on Eluxury. I could kick myself right now becaus I could have had that Cabby for $1,400 when I was in Hawaii in Sept.
  14. It don't think it will be tax free if you buy it while you are visiting unless you are visiting from a another country then it is duty free. But the LVs are a bit cheaper here, and so is Christian Dior. My Tivoli PM bag was 15 buck cheaper and the tax here is 4.7%. Not too bad I think.;)
  15. The mainland's getting their price increase this month, so it should even out again. But that does stink about the new $3k min. for free shipping- wanted to order a $2.1k bag soon and was all pysched about free shipping :crybaby: